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June 20, 2018 - click here for index of articles.

Public Education – Privatisation is Class Warfare

All major Australian political parties are pursuing educational policies which maintain and extend the privatisation of the Australian education system. This private/public model is accepted without debate because of the vested interests that such a debate would offend and threaten. Yet it’s a broken model which is holding back education, disadvantaging the majority of students and the progress of society as a whole. The inequitable reality created is often justified by the ideological catchcries, “freedom of choice” and “user pays”.  more ...

Editorial – Turnbull, Dutton oversee death #12

Last week, in more tragic news from the refugee detention camp on Nauru, a 26-year-old Iranian asylum seekers was found dead, believed to have suicided. He was found in his family’s tent in the RPC 3 compound around 9.00 am, Sydney time. His death comes only three weeks since a Rohingya refugee died on Manus Island.  more ...

Fight for Country –Yindjibarndi Traditional Owners

“He makes billions and billions of dollars from our murra, our country, that he destroyed, wrecked. They wrecked our sacred sites. Our country is wrecked. But you know what? It never stopped us Yindjibarndi people from fighting for our country.”  more ...

Change the Rules – Change the System – CPA Statement

The Communist Party of Australia welcomes the ACTU and trade union movement campaign to Change the Rules with respect to Australia’s flawed industrial relations laws.  more ...

Court employees end wage freeze

On June 6, after four years of bargaining and 43 rounds of protected industrial action, Federal Courts employees around the country have overwhelming voted to accept a new workplace agreement that will deliver improved working hours and better redundancy and redeployment entitlements to the majority of staff.  more ...

Union case against Foodora

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) is already fighting sham-contracting at Foodora after taking several cases of unfair dismissal. The union also criticised Foodora over leaked internal emails which showed the company was aware it was engaging in sham-contracting. A survey of riders has shown three out of every four riders is paid below minimum rates.  more ...

Fighting and winning

Workers in Britain’s catering and hospitality industry have suffered decades of exploitation, including low pay and uncertain hours. Now they are fighting back. The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) is organising at fast-food chain McDonald’s.  more ...

Takes two to tango

If Trump stands by that commitment then it will be key to a successful resolution of the decades-old conflict, with the specific result of North Korea fulfilling its vow to scrap nuclear weapons.  more ...

Creating a bogeyman

Four days before the British general election of October 1924 the Daily Mail published a letter purporting to have been written by the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, Grigory Zinoviev. The paper claimed that the correspondence revealed a Bolshevik plot to plunge Britain into civil war, and that the Communist Party of Great Britain was manipulating the Labour government led by Ramsay MacDonald.  more ...

Continuity of the Revolution

When young Cubans led by Fidel Castro attacked Santiago’s Moncada Barracks and other barracks in Bayamo on July 26, 1953, they were rebelling in part against the Batista regime’s disregard of Cuba’s fairly progressive Constitution of 1940. In 1976, 15 years after the victory of Cuba’s socialist revolution, Cubans voting in a national referendum approved a new Constitution. Cubans now are about to revise their Constitution for the third time.  more ...

Culture & Life – “We won’t be silent anymore”

On June 12, a number of Democrat representatives and senators convened a forum at the US Capitol to examine poverty in America. Panellists included the Reverend Dr William J Barber, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, and individuals who shared their personal stories about poverty and economic injustice. Their aim, as Barber made clear in his presentation, was not to get applause, but to make the nation weep at the crisis of poverty in one of the richest countries in the world.  more ...

Quote of the Week

Now and then the workers are victorious, but only for a time.
The real fruit of their battle lies, not in the immediate result,
but in the ever-expanding union of the workers.

Karl Marx

This web page was last updated: Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

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