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October 24, 2018 - click here for index of articles.

Change the Rules – Taking the fight to the bosses

More than 4,000 thousand workers in Perth defied weather and bosses’ threats to attend the ACTU Change the Rules National rallies that kicked off in Perth on Thursday October 18. The rally took place at the historic Solidarity Park behind WA State Parliament. This place witnessed the defeat of the Third Wave of industrial reforms introduced by the Liberal state government in 1997 so was a fitting place to kick off the start of the national rallies.  more ...

Editorial – Oppose anti-people

Against a background of surveillance capitalism, (including the Facebook Data Sharing controversy), Australians are about to have their confidential medical data uploaded to an outmoded and insecure central database. The CPA condemns the federal government’s decision to replace the original elective “opt in” My Health Record (MyHR) for those with severe or chronic complex illness, with a compulsory MyHR which will start collecting all Australians’ private medical information – unless they opt out by November 15.  more ...

Push for “just transition”

As the mining union prepares to ramp-up its campaign for a “just transition” for workers whose future is disrupted by climate change, its leader has warned the Labor Party that to take power at the next election, it must win the Central Queensland seats that contain thousands of coal mining and power workers.   more ...

Making TAFE

This article is Part One of a two-part series, and considers the institutional beginnings of TAFE and highlights how TAFE came about and concludes by focusing on TAFEs’ distinctive role. Part Two, Unmaking TAFE, will focus on the policy trajectory that created a national training framework, a “training market” and then the introduction of VET FEE HELP and look at how these policies brought TAFE to near ruin.  more ...

Cuba’s struggle for freedom

On October 10, 1868, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, an educated, wealthy lawyer, sugar mill and slave owner, called for an uprising against Spanish colonial rule, the “Grito de Yara” (“Cry of Yara”), otherwise known as the “declaration of rebellion.”  more ...

Taking Issue – Trumping the UN

It is an irony much remarked upon by those that know about these things, that ignorant people are often also the most arrogant. Surely you too have noticed this? It was very much in evidence towards the end of last month when Donald Trump took his style of buffoonery to the United Nations General Assembly.  more ...

Brought to you by the Decapitation Kingdom

European nations, including Germany, France, and Britain, are calling for a “credible investigation” of the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.  more ...

Quote of the Week

No more tradition’s chains shall bind us
The earth shall rise on new foundations

The Internationale

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