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Current Issue of The Guardian

June 21, 2017 - click here for index of articles.

Detention deception – The lies exposed

Detainees at the Manus Island asylum-seeker camp in Papua New Guinea will be paid compensation for “degrading and cruel” treatment in a decision hailed as an important human rights victory. The pay out of a conditional settlement of $70 million, to be shared by 1,905 people who have been held on Manus Island since 2012, is a move by the government to avert a public and damning trial against it and security providers Transfield and G4S.  more ...


Editorial – The first rule

The first rule once user-pays is established is that you now must “make a contribution” towards the service that is rightfully yours – and that contribution itself will gradually creep up in price.  more ...

Blueprint for a bleak energy future

Federal Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s report on energy generation in Australia, Blueprint For the Future, places primary emphasis on energy price and security, and secondary emphasis on dealing with climate change.  more ...

Seeking asylum is not a crime

Facts: Australians are misinformed when it comes to some basic facts on refugees and asylum seekers. Most people think it’s a crime to come by boat without a visa seeking protection and most think there’s an official queue refugees and asylum seekers can join to be resettled.  more ...

Film Review – Il Postino – The poetry of life

In light of the portrayal in Neruda, currently showing in cinemas, we publish the following piece from the Guardian in 1996 to give a more complete picture of Chile’s national poet.  more ...

To defend gains and advance democracy

The Mazdoor Kissan Party held its all party national congress in the year of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in order to emphasise the continuing importance of the lessons of the Russian Revolution, the experience of building socialism in the former Soviet Union, and most importantly the lessons learnt from the defeat of socialism in the recent past.  more ...

Why does the US want to destroy the Venezuelan govt?

Since April 2017, the opposition to the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro has staged daily violent and bloody marches that have killed more than 70 people. These are NOT peaceful nor “pro-democracy” protests as the US government and media want us to believe.  more ...

The radical roots of Wonder Woman

Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman opened on June 2, but the character debuted over 70 years ago and has roots that should make us pay more attention not only to the unfairly maligned “first-wave feminists,” but also the generation that emerged between the two imperialist wars. I have not seen the film yet, so this is in no way a spoiler or even a review. Call it a preview, or an alternate view of her radical origins in the years between World War I and World War II. Like a lot of young people of my and other generations, Wonder Woman catches the imagination, but I hope her origins capture our radical imagination as well.  more ...

Culture & Life – Fascism rides again

The form of government that capitalism finds most congenial is bourgeois democracy, the system we have here in Australia (and indeed in most developed capitalist countries). By staging elections every few years, the people are given the erroneous impression that they and not the owners of the big corporations decide the government and run the country.  more ...

Quote of the Week

We need to remind the working people that these religious extremist groups were created by imperialism itself in order to quell the tide of the progressive movement in the Third World. Hence, it is not imperialism that can reverse the tide of religious extremism. In fact, it is now perfectly and adequately clear to the politically advanced people of the world that imperialism utilises religious extremism as an excuse to destroy and occupy strategically important countries.

Workers and Peasants Party, Pakistan

This web page was last updated: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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