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November 14, 2018 - click here for index of articles.

Editorial – Close Don Dale

In the early hours of Wednesday November 7, police used tear gas on Darwin’s Don Dale Youth Detention Centre detainees, almost all of whom are Aboriginal youth, who escaped from their cells, set the facility’s school on fire and used angle grinders to cut fences in an attempt to escape.  more ...

Armistice Day – Peace Letter / Poem

The announcement of an upgrade to the War Memorial in Canberra to include the remembrance of those who fought in more recent theatres of war does not fill me with hope for peace and justice in the world.  more ...

Long live Red October

The October Revolution took place in the second decade of the last century. In other words, it was a long time ago: so why should we be concerned with it in the 21st century? That’s easy: because the change it heralded in the way society operates was so profound and so far-reaching that it continues to influence or even determine international relations and the aspirations of the world’s people today.  more ...

Class nature of EU crisis

Difficulties for the EU continue to intensify. As the time for a final deal between the British state and the European Union draws near, the British government is attempting to push through its minimalist Brexit strategy so as to secure its “special relationship.”  more ...

Mike Leigh on class war and political hope

The British director’s latest film, Peterloo, recounts the 1819 massacre of protesters demanding parliamentary reform in Manchester, UK. He speaks to Sam Thompson about the difficulties of dramatizing a social movement and the difference between hope and optimism.  more ...

Why they’re risking it all

What drives a person to leave their home and walk 2,000 miles? I am reminded of the story my mother told me about how she was temporarily blinded at the age of three due to malnutrition. And of how she and her mother left Jalisco to head for Juárez when she was five because there was no medical care for her ailing mother who had contracted tuberculosis. They had family there that could at least provide some care while her father looked for work.  more ...

Film Review – Boy Erased

A whole industry has grown up around the fraudulent premise that homosexual orientation can simply be “prayed away.” Church movements have created expensive “conversion therapy” programs, led by people of faith with absent or dubious credentials other than their powers of salesmanship, and foisted them on God-fearing parents of kids who are in the process of discovering their homosexual identities.  more ...

Quote of the Week

The Socialists have always condemned wars between peoples as barbarous and bestial.

Opening line from “Socialism and War”, VI Lenin

This web page was last updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

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