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August 15, 2018 - click here for index of articles.


The Turnbull government’s subservience to the corporate powers which rule the political roost was again exposed in all its destructive glory when, a month after a secret meeting on April 9 between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, environment and energy minister Josh Frydenberg and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation chair John Schubert, the foundation was gifted $444 million of taxpayer monies in the name of the preservation of the Reef.  more ...

Politics after Hiroshima

Last Thursday August 9, Politics in the Pub Perth held a lively discussion on the Politics after Hiroshima. August 6-9 mark the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US.  more ...

Reversing Privatisation

At the packed public rally at the Teachers’ Federation a couple of weeks ago to oppose the privatisation of the ABC, only one of the numerous guest speakers mentioned the other public enterprises that are being or (in most cases, sadly) have already been privatised. And yet, privatising public assets is a long-standing policy of the Liberal Party and their big business mates, for if there are no publicly-owned enterprises run as a service rather than as profit-making ventures, capitalism won’t be embarrassed by exposure of its greed, its wastefulness and all too often its essential incompetence.  more ...

The world burns as global warming crisis explodes

With summer at its crest, with climate change continuing to burn deadly swaths across the globe amid relentless heat waves, wildfire outbreaks are occurring worldwide.  more ...

What do Marxists say about the housing crisis?

The MARX MEMORIAL LIBRARY explains how in a socialist society, decent housing would be seen as a right, not a commodity.  more ...

“Israel is killing the future”

It rarely happened, but when it did, it proved a fateful decision.  more ...

Film Roundup

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: The eponymous animated young superheroes spring from TV in a wild, wacky, often unexpectedly witty big screen extravaganza that sees them causing continuous comic chaos as, jealous that all adult superheroes have their own movies, they seek a director to bring their own movie to the cinema.  more ...

Culture & Life – The anti-fascism of Georgi Dimitrov

Georgi Dimitrov led the Communist International from 1934 to 1943. During that time, he contributed to the Communist understanding of fascism, more so than any other Marxist theorist. Dimitrov outlined the origins and purpose of fascism as well as the strategy the Communist movement had to adopt in order to defeat it.  more ...

Quote of the Week

Only the majority is sovereign.
He who takes the place of the people is a tyrant and his power is usurpation.

Simon Bolivar

This web page was last updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

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