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Issue #1773      April 12, 2017


CPA statement on US bombing of Syria

The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms the bombing of Syria by the US military. The attack on a sovereign country is a violation of international law and gives comfort and aid to the other enemies of peace in the region.

The decision to launch the attack was made without reference to the UN or even to US Congress. Trump has shown by this action that the same agenda for the Middle East, i.e. for the dismemberment and destruction of countries pursuing a policy independent of US imperialism, is still in force.

The initial Western news broadcasts reported the bombing of a plant in Idlib, which hit a facility where terrorists produced chemical filled shells for usage in Syria and Iraq. The story quickly evolved to become an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Assad government. The international community is right to question the unsubstantiated claims by the Trump administration of the Assad government’s responsibility for the supposed toxic gas attack on the civilian population of an area of Syria controlled by anti-government forces. The US has a history of creating such pretexts for aggression, such as the alleged existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to cite just one example.

With this action, the US has heightened the risk of a major conflict between nuclear–armed powers and sets back efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The US attack on Syria’s airbase serves to bolster the morale of terrorists who have suffered serious setbacks at the hands of the Syrian army over recent weeks.

The support given to the Trump administration by the Australian government and Labor Opposition, while predictable is deplorable and irresponsible. It is up to the peace-loving people of the world to show their opposition to this recklessness and to stop US imperialism’s drive to war.

The CPA calls on all its members and supporters to join forces on the ground with the anti-war movement for peace and social justice. Hands off Syria and the Middle East!

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