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Issue #1785      July 12, 2017

Arrogant and hypocritical

In the wake of the G20 summit, police were beating on aggressively against the demonstrators, most of them peaceful, unarmed; but some of them violent and hooded, as old tradition dictates, so they will not be recognised as police themselves or patsies of the police. Many people were hurt, several to the point of hospitalisation. And the meeting had just begun.

At the onset of the summit, Donald Trump, the chief-psychopath, is running amok declaring with echo, “America First” – “America First” – trying to justify his decision for the US to quit the Paris Climate Accords. In a cheap attempt to hit Russia under the belt, he offered Europe gas sales, so Europe would no longer be “hostage” to Russia. How arrogant, again. It remains to be seen to what extent the psychopath-in-chief will have on his European, Australian and Canadian vassal-psychopaths lined up and dancing to his tune.

Before the summit, “informal” talks between the odd couple, Donald Trump and Angela Merkel, took place. They focused on North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine – all countries where the US is intent to destabilise and push for “regime change” – the sort of interference in sovereign nations’ affairs Trump promised during his campaign he would abandon as President.

Nobody has elected the G20, nor the G7. Everybody takes them for granted, the self-appointed megalos. Nobody seems to question their legitimacy. People only protest against what they stand for. The G20 are side-lining the official body, the United Nations. The G7, embedded in the G20, are the aggressing driving force for wars, destruction, merciless killing and perpetual chaos.

The G7 – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the US – all western nations (Japan follows the western game plan), are also the main creators of terrorism. They fund, feed, train and arm such reputed Islamic terror groups as ISIS / IS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra – and others that fit the model of their war strategy.

What and who?

The G20 are the G7 enlarged and disguised in their intentions, by 13 other economic power brokers, also often referred to as “threshold countries”, including Russia, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, South Korea, Turkey and the EU. Spain is a permanent observer. Of course, the (western) world’s key financial enablers and political institutions, like the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve and the UN with its regional sub-hubs, are not missing in Hamburg.

The G20 control two thirds of the world population, 90 percent of the globe’s economic output and 80% of world trade. Their agenda in Hamburg is semi-secret, except for the items that might interest the populace at large, like fighting terrorism. But certainly, under the guise of “security and terrorism”, they will also discuss, led by the Trump team, how to subdue renegades, such as Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia and, of course, the eastern most link of the new axis of evil, North Korea.

NATO, economy and terrorism go hand-in-hand. Without terror no wars. Without wars no production of weapons, and without military-security industrial complex, the western world’s economy has reached a dead-end. The US depends for more than 50 percent of its economic output on the war and security machinery with its associated services. Europe, if it continues the status as a US vassal, will in no time march along the same footsteps. Hence, terrorism is a must. Peace is a no-go.

Soon NATO forces facing the Koreas? – NATO; the alliance of the willing – led by Washington, hiding behind the NATO emblem. In the land of the lawless, impunity is borderless.

Never mind that NATO has nothing to do with South America, or with Asia, or the Middle East, for that matter. The atrocious NATO killing machine will do their work in the process of subjugation anywhere in the world, while most people just close their eyes and ears, and remain mute.

Be aware – it is a criminal institution made for killing societies and subordinating sovereign nations. Washington’s current plan is controlling Russia, via NATO’s eastern European border aggressions, and China, by constantly provoking and threatening North Korea’s sovereignty.

What’s left is the enslavement by debt. To survive, people may commit to the “debt-row”, gradually converting into the death-row. As misbehaving countries are forced to do – swallowing debt against being fed minimal rations for survival. Greece is the epitome of this razors-sharp knife that slashed throats as well as the last goblet of the lifeline to survival. Solidarity is nowhere.

The dying beast is lashing out, right and left and above and beneath. It is desperate; itself on death-row, but if it must die, then dying we must all – the deadly grip of the rabies-diseased dog that won’t let go. And won’t let go. And won’t let go to the last minute – or until death reigns over us all. That’s the risk we are running. A nuclear holocaust where, as Vladimir Putin has said already on a number of occasions, nobody will survive.

The oppressive police in Hamburg to suppress dissent, is but a forewarning for what is to come when Europe is being fully militarised. For those who are not aware, there is currently a “ghost town” being built by the Bundeswehr in collaboration with NATO, for hundreds of millions of euros, in one of Germany’s most modern military training camps, in Sachsen-Anhalt, not far from Hamburg. Starting in 2018, the artificial town will be ready for training NATO and EU military forces for urban warfare, to suppress possible upheavals and protests in the wake of neo-fascist economic measures – à la Greece – being forced upon Europe.

We are witnessing how this is done, and has been done for the last seven years to an entire nation – beautiful Greece, the land that has given us the philosophers, mathematicians and scientists we still laud and admire – and the true concept of democracy which the west has used and abused for its trickery and deceit.

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