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Issue #1805      November 29, 2017

Taking Issue – Eileen Whitehead

Of lap dogs and revolution

It has been obvious for centuries that the working class has always been ripped off by those in control of finance; all organised behind closed doors by the so-called “elite”. Now, with the help of new technologies, we are beginning to find out what has been going on for far too long.

The Paradise Papers leak has opened up a morass of skulduggery and fraud of which most of us were blissfully unaware. It’s one thing to suspect but quite another to know and when one digs deeper it’s obvious that these corporate “pirates” are getting away with the theft of billions because of legislation in place allowing for money to be moved into offshore tax havens.

So now we have to ask whether or not we can trust our governments to change the legislation. This realisation by the population has reached a critical point. If we can’t trust our governments to alter the status quo how do we eradicate this increasing inequality? Revolution?

Throughout history, revolutions begin because of gross inequity. We’ve just commemorated 100 years since the Russian revolution which was the start of a huge social experiment, removing centuries of feudalism. It brought Russia into the 20th century introducing modern farming techniques and banishing starvation.

Banks were nationalised, education provided to all; gender equality gave women the right to vote, equal pay, child care etc; better health provision, and much more. This is seen in Cuba today which is constantly being attacked by capitalist regimes – as happens to all socialist republics – in order to destabilise their way of life which threatens capitalist “values”!

Unfortunately currently, the inequity in society is leading to people being duped by right-wing populist politicians (Trump in the US, Farage, UKIP in the UK), whipping up fear and hate – the usual “divide and rule” mantra.

Back home what is happening about reining in the huge multi-national mining companies that have been ripping off the Australian people? They use legal loopholes to pay only a fraction of the sales value of their exports and what does our government do? It proposes cutting company tax rates voicing that old furphy that such action attracts investment and creates jobs. NO IT DOES NOT.

Australians are demanding lower energy costs, free health care and education – all possible if everyone working in Australia were to pay their taxes. I for one am sick of seeing wealthy tax dodgers being lionised. I remember when Kerry Packer died, John Howard offered the family a State funeral – for a man who boasted about how little tax he paid. I nearly threw up. Incidentally, Turnbull was the Packer’s lawyer (or should I say pet dog?).

If governments received adequate taxation from every part of society we would live in a happier and healthier community. This won’t happen under right-wing ideologues.

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