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Issue #1810      February 14, 2018

Banning the Eureka flag will not break our spirit!

CPA statement

The recent decision of the Turnbull government to ban the Eureka flag from construction sites is a further attack on the spirit and organisational capacity of Australia’s workers. The Eureka flag has been a symbol of resistance to injustice since it was first flown at the uprising on the gold fields at Ballarat on December 3, 1854. It was raised by workers from many countries to express their willingness to fight against oppression.

“We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.” - the Eureka oath.

Workers on today’s Australian building sites are now harassed and prosecuted for taking legitimate industrial action, ripped off by unscrupulous employers and their unions targeted with crippling fines and denial of the right of entry.

On average, one construction worker per week dies on Australian building sites. If the government were concerned about workers, it would move quickly to stop these outrages. Instead, they are engaging in an ideological struggle to break working class solidarity right down to the banning of symbols.

Construction workers are defying this bullying action on the part of the Turnbull government. Other unionists are showing their support. The public shares their outrage at the pettiness of the move and the disrespect for Australia’s working class history and traditions.

The Communist Party of Australia stands squarely with construction workers against this latest attack, which is part of an ongoing campaign to destroy our unions and leave us defenceless in the face of ruthless exploitation.

The CPA demands the repeal of the Building Code 2016 and the abolition of the anti-union Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

The fightback against the Coalition’s agenda is ongoing and gathering strength. The workers of Australia can and will win this battle.

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