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Issue #1822      May 16, 2018


Victory Day

May 9 marked the 73rd anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in WW2, putting an end to four years of gruelling war that cost 27 million Soviet lives, which is roughly equivalent to the current populations of Australia and New Zealand combined. Never had an invasion so large resulted in the total defeat of the invading army. Around 17 million of those killed were members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the first working class party to not only achieve state power and defend their revolution against the most genocidal attempt at invasion and colonisation in human history, but to remove the Nazi regime altogether.

An entire generation of young communists laid down their lives for a victory that decisively transformed the course of world history.

Prior to WW1 most of the global population, nearly 80 percent, lived under the rule of European colonial empires. German imperialism, by invading the USSR, was following in the footsteps of the European empires before them. By colonising North America and Australia, the British had already achieved what Germany wanted for itself when they invaded the Soviet Union, which is “lebensraum” (or “living space” according to Nazi policy) for colonial settlement made possible by genocidal war against native populations (sound familiar?)

Why were the ruling classes of Britain and France sympathetic to fascism? Why at Munich did these so-called “democratic” powers effectively encourage Hitler to direct his aggression towards the Soviet Union?

The answer is that Germany was hungry for colonies after being stripped of their exploitable colonies after WWI by those same powers. Had the fascist states won the war it would have meant that the “democratic” powers would not have to fear the loss of their colonies to the fascist rulers who, had they won, would have swallowed the USSR, and enslaved its people as genocidal Nazi official policy made abundantly clear.

The USSR bore the brunt of this unprecedented war of aggression for the simple reason that the imperialist powers would not accept the victory of the 1917 revolution. By exposing the secret treaties for the partitioning of the Middle East by the victorious powers of WW1, it became clear to the ruling classes of European colonisers and their settler offshoots alike that the USSR was shifting its alliances over to the vast mass of colonised humanity. They did this by backing national liberation struggles, with weapons and with economic assistance after their independence.

Let it be remembered that the USSR was the great equaliser of human history, and for that reason the forces of entrenched capitalist power and social reaction ignore and denigrate the Soviet sacrifice. Lest we forget.

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