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Issue #1834      August 8, 2018

Taking Issue – Richard Titelius

Argentina’s new US base

It is of interest that the US seeks to permit the construction of at least one US military base in Argentina, in this case in Neuquen province in the southern Patagonian region. The article (Guardian August 1) which was originally published in the People’s World states that the purpose is to help defend Argentina’s oil and shale resources in that part of the country.

Neuquen province in Argentina.

The local people are not keen to have an imperialist Yanqui base in the country which they see as an affront to their sovereignty as we do here in Australia with Pine Gap, a US army base in Darwin and the Kojarena tracking station near Geraldton in WA. As a consequence, they have formed a social movement to protest the proposal for the base which is supported by their sell-out President Macri.

However, what the article misses entirely is that less than 50 kilometres away from the proposed military base at Vaca Muerte (Dead Cow) near Bajada de Agrio-also in Neuquen province is also the home of the new Chinese satellite tracking station which was given approval by the previous government of President Kirchner in 2009.

The Chinese government has a project to study the dark side of the moon and needed a location on the other side of the world to facilitate communications for this purpose. However, curiously, a New York Times article which dwelt on China’s growing interest in Latin America, did not mention the proposal for the construction of the new military base in the same province.

It will be interesting to see how two rival imperialist powers can accommodate each other’s interests in a country which under their current President Macri is facing financial collapse and thus open to the IMF intervening in the running of the country.

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