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Issue #1843      October 10, 2018

KKE and CPA – strong and enduring bonds

The Communist Party of Australia was visited on Saturday October 6 by comrade Kostas Papadakis, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and member of the European Parliament. Comrade Kostas met with members of the Central Committee of the CPA at its headquarters and later attended a welcoming function hosted by the Party at the MUA building. The function also commemorated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the KKE and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of its youth organisation, the KNE.

At the Party-to-Party meeting, comrade Kostas and CPA General Secretary Bob Briton exchanged views on three broad topics: developments in our two countries and internationally, cooperation between our two parties and issues in the international Communist movement.

There was agreement about heightened dangers in our regions and the increasingly aggressive role of the US and its allies, which includes the governments of Greece and Australia. Both leaders highlighted the anti-worker agendas of their national governments and the need for an independent, militant, class-conscious response.

This year, the CPA will be sending four representatives to the 20th annual International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties to be held in Athens in late October. Fundraising is currently being conducted within the Party to meet this commitment. Both parties agree that more advantage for coordinated work should be taken of the international meetings. This year’s meeting will bring together over 70 parties from around the world.

Comrade Kostas explained at some length the danger presented by the emergence of SYRIZA, the opportunist party that currently governs in coalition with a right populist party, ANEL. He pointed out that, had the KKE set aside its principled opposition to participation in capitalist governments and joined SYRIZA, it would now be held responsible for the austerity imposed on the people of Greece and the stridently pro-US foreign policy of the Tsipras government. He emphasised the need to build the social alliances and the leading role of the Party.

Bob Briton outlined the attacks being made on the trade unions in Australia and the need for the lifting of the ideological consciousness of the fight back against them. He noted good initiatives by Party leaders in the trade union movement and the imminent launch of a CPA campaign within the unions. He also reported growth in membership of the Party among the youth and their eagerness for active engagement.

Comrade Kostas and CPA representatives noted the long and strong relationship between their two parties and looked forward to future cooperation. Bob Briton mentioned with satisfaction the outstanding contribution to the Party of members of Greek background.

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