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Issue #1855      February 6, 2019

Taking sides

The following Maritime Union resolution on Venezuela was passed unanimously:

This monthly meeting of the Maritime Union of Australia Sydney Branch, a Division of the CFMMEU (Construction Forestry Maritime Mining Energy Union), held on Tuesday January 29, 2019, condemns the Australian government in its decision to recognise the unelected Juan Guaido as the interim President of Venezuela. The Australian government’s support for the self-appointed Venezuelan President in Charge, Juan Guaido is an act of anti-democratic bastardry, international criminality and grand political opportunism.

Supporting Guaido is the same as supporting General Augusto Pinochet’s assassination and overthrow of democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende. The two events are joined in a historical lineage of US manufactured coups against people’s governments, not just throughout Latin America, but around the world.

The United States, acting as the economic hitmen of global capitalism, is carrying on its ignominious history and right-wing celebrated tradition of freedom and democracy for the elite and privileged and forcing capitalist dictatorship against the rest of us.

The unelected US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asked the world to pick a side. The MUA Sydney Branch has chosen our side, and it is with the people of Venezuela and their elected President Nicolas Maduro. The working class of Venezuela have suffered tremendously as a consequence of US intervention, economic crises, instability due to poor policy settings, capitalist sabotage and corruption.

This will never be fixed by investing and injecting more imperialism and foreign intervention into Venezuelan society but only through working class democracy and self-determination of the Venezuelan people. We see, as those before us have seen, the dire consequences of the empty and shallow rhetoric of liberal democratic leaders whose regime change semantics results in catastrophic failed states. The people of Latin America have suffered enough American freedom and democracy, resulting in exploitation, cultural theft and disaster capitalism, they need their own course, one set out bravely by the Venezuelan working class.

The Maritime Union of Australia has always chosen the side of the oppressed and fought against the oppressors. We chose our side against Pinochet, we chose our side against the Greek Junta, we chose our side against apartheid in South Africa and in Palestine, all of these crimes have been supported by the same people who are supporting the overthrow of Venezuelan democracy and President Maduro.

We condemn the Australian government, we condemn all who support the anti-democratic forces in Venezuela, throughout Latin America and the rest of the world.

We throw our entire support behind the people of Venezuela and support their democratic will and emancipation through self-determination. We support President Nicolas Maduro as the elected President of Venezuela as we support the strengthening and consolidation of the Bolivarian Revolution and the working class struggle for socialism throughout Latin America.

In Solidarity
MUA Sydney Branch

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