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CPA Bulletin – Qld

Volume 2. Issue 1 January-March 2010       
Produced by the Communist Party of Australia, Brisbane Branch.  P.O. Box 33 Camp Hill QLD 4152

Support Ark Tribe

On Friday 30-10-09 around one thousand supporters of Ark Tribe chanted one law for all, as the Adelaide construction worker entered court for the third time since August.

The hearing was set for 11am in the Adelaide Magistrates Court. Building and construction workers came off the job in Adelaide and the other capitals at 11am in support of Ark in his fight for justice. CFMEU South Australian Construction and General secretary Martin O' Malley introduced a number of speakers including historian Humphrey Mcqueen who had travelled from Canberra. Mcqueen opened and closed his speech with this quote from Samuel Champ, Builders Labourers Federation BLF organiser from Hobart in 1916.

Our Liberties had not been won by mining magnates or stock – exchange jobbers, but by genuine men of the working class movement who had died on the gallows and rotted in dungeons and were buried in nameless graves. These were the men to whom we owed the liberties we enjoyed today. Ark Tribe is being prosecuted by the Australian Building and Construction Commission, the harsh and unmitigated police force of the Construction industry.

All he was doing was addressing the workers on safety issues, once again another Unionist being persecuted for doing nothing more than watching out for his fellow workers.

The ABCC should and must be abolished. Who better than the workers with hands on experience with the guidance of Union Officials and delegates are going to know safety? This harsh law that the ABCC enforces on building workers must be repealed, this can only be achieved through union solidarity and total public awareness.

We rid Australia of the Howard Government in 07 just two years ago with the Your Rights at Work campaign, the same can be done with the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

Myths & Facts

A Fairy Tale as told by Anna Bligh & Real Fact

Real Fact:

The five commercial businesses the Government plans to sell generate a lot of income for the State.  

Real Fact:

Last time anyone we know mentioned $320 million it was a lot of money and in fact it’s a lot more than we would get if the businesses were sold.

Anna Myth:

We will be $1.8 billion better off.

Real Fact:

We would not have to find that amount but that’s a lot different to having or saving $1.8 billion, plus we would not have the $320 million yearly income, which would over a period of 4 to 6 years give us $1.8 billion.

Anna Myth:

We are selling your assets so we can build you Hospitals, Roads etc, Schools and Police and Fire Stations.

Real Fact:

Out of Bligh’s own mouth “We need to get back our AAA rating” that will be a real comfort to you and me I’m sure.

Anna Myth:

The Government is not selling QRs public passenger services or the State (peoples) rail network.

Real Fact:

Not in the first round of sales what about later?

Anna Myth:

The Government pays QR to provide passenger services.

Real Fact:

Taxpayers (people) pay QR to provide these services.

Anna Myth:

QLD will always own the rights to our coal.

Real Fact:

If you own the tracks and trains you determine when and how much coal is moved thus effectively determining how much and when the royalty collector gets paid, plus when green fuel becomes a reality and trains and tracks are needed to shift other than coal, how much will we have to pay to get it back?

Anna Myth:

The Government will legislate a toll level at the point of sale and then allow that toll to rise only with inflation post the sale.

Real Fact:

Like they are controlling gas and electricity prices, thanks for nothing!

Anna Myth:

The Government will retain responsibility for maritime control of our waterways regardless of who owns the Port.

Real Fact:

That means that we will continue to pay but get none of the profits anymore, like the rail service to the airport.

Real Facts:

This Fairy Tale is concocted in a failed attempt to dull the senses of the real owners of the assets of QLD. The myths are falsely presented as facts but they fool no one as recent public polls show. What the mythmaker seems unable to grasp (or prefers to ignore) is the fact that  everyone has been down this track too many times before, we know it doesn’t work in our favour , we know it leads to job losses, we know it forces loss of reasonable job conditions, reduction of income, increased prices and charges, increased taxation  but most importantly we lose whatever little control we have through Government over those who seek only to exploit  with no regard for  the consequences  to people and / or the environment.. We say to the Government remove Bligh and her cabinet and retain public assets.

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