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September 18, 2019 - click here for index of articles.

Youth demand action as Australia burns

Next Friday, hundreds of thousands of school students in Australia and around the world will go on strike from school to demand immediate, decisive government action to deal with climate change. In Australia they will be joined by parents, grandparents, and many others determined to get real action started.  more ...

“Rule of law” for some

If only the Guardian Press Fund had a dollar for every time the Morrison Coalition government banged on about the “rule of law”. The “rule of law” is constantly bandied about as the excuse for the steady flow of union-bashing legislation and endless attacks on trade unions for breaching these bad laws. The Heydon Royal Commission in 2015 was set up by the Coalition to demonise trade unions in the eyes of workers and the public as a whole. It was nothing short of a political witch-hunt that also roped in former Labor leaders Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten. The hearings were dominated by rather tenuous, to say the least, claims linking the trade union movement to all manner of criminal activity which the corporate media blasted on a daily basis never missing the opportunity for a little embellishment.  more ...

CPA policy on climate change

Today, the struggle for sustainable development is in essence a struggle to restrain and restrict capitalist corporations and to compel an end to environmentally damaging production processes. It is a struggle to fulfil human needs through more creative, democratic and ecologically respectful practices. The contrast with uncontrollable capitalist growth and exploitation of natural resources for profit is stark.  more ...

Green imperialism or socialist solution to climate crisis

We can all see that the climate crisis is the inevitable conclusion of capitalism. Australia’s role in the climate crisis sits on top of two systems: colonialism and imperialism. Firstly, Australia engages in colonialism by mismanagement of stolen land – including land clearing, poor water management, irresponsible agricultural practices, and the mining industry. Secondly, Australia engages in imperialism by participating in overseas mining projects that exploit those environments and their local working class.  more ...

Socialism or perish

This Friday, September 20, will likely be the largest protest in Australian and (probably) world history in calling for action to combat climate change. The “School Strike for Climate” has grown at a remarkable pace, started by Greta Thunberg on her own with a sign outside her Swedish school in 2018 to what is now a worldwide mass movement encompassing many different groups coming together to try and save the human species from extinction. Whilst I will be joining the march in solidarity with school strikers on Friday, and I call on every person who is able to also attend, we should be openly and loudly challenging the ideas put forward by many young climate activists and NGO groups who argue for a “Green New Deal” or other policies that amount to the greening of capitalism.   more ...

The Helms-Burton Act

In 1898, when Spain lost its war against America, the rights to its territories, including Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Guam were signed over to the US. For Cuba this meant its independence was granted with the stipulation that the US had the right to intervene in the country’s affairs and be granted a 100-year lease on its naval base at Guantánamo Bay. For the next half-century, with complacent leaders, the American mafia used Havana as a gambling haven with all the concomitant associations.   more ...

Trump: clown or global threat?

If you’re one of those people who thinks Donald Trump is a sort of joke, an embarrassing blot on American democracy, an easy target for vaguely left-wing intellectuals to sneer at, or further proof – if such were needed − that being stupid is no hindrance to reaching high office, then you have missed the point.  more ...

Colonial heritage, socialist future?

While the Extradition Law triggered the explosion of protests, they reflect a tinder box of deeper underlying issues. While China’s GDP is expected to grow at a six percent rate in 2019, Hong Kong’s GDP is projected to grow by only one or two percent, sharpening problems.   more ...

Capitalism is digging our graves

The world in which we live is finite. It does not possess infinite, everlasting resources. And it is fast approaching the point of no return as we face imminent climate catastrophe. If we are to save humanity and protect the world for future generations we have to radically change the way we live – immediately.  more ...

Second World, Second Sex

Western, liberal “feminism” often focuses on middle-class women, on expanding individualistic solutions to broader systemic problems, on urging women to “lean in” – in corporate board rooms and in other traditionally male-dominated spaces. Today, this brand of feminism is considered the dominant model in the fight against sexism and for equality.  more ...

Quote of the Week

Why is it that scarcely any are executed but the poor?

Thomas Paine – The Rights of Man

This web page was last updated: Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

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