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WARNING: To all SolidNet Parties plus a previous Secretariat Statement.

August 14, 2019 - click here for index of articles.

Women’s right to choose!

Introduced by MP Alex Greenwich on August 1, the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019, otherwise known as the Abortion Bill, was hotly contested in the NSW Parliament last Tuesday. The debate started at midday and carried on until almost midnight. The bill, which seeks to decriminalise abortion, would grant abortions up to 22 weeks’ gestation performed by a registered doctor. Beyond 22 weeks abortions would require the consent of two doctors.  more ...

Whence the threat to peace?

The nations that are known to have nuclear weapons are the US, Russia, France, Britain, China, Israel, Pakistan and India. Before the overthrow of the apartheid regime in South Africa, that country had also developed nuclear weapons but after its election the ANC government had them destroyed. South Africa is the only country in the world to have carried out total nuclear disarmament.  more ...

Rally for Press Freedom

In the wake of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) raids on the home of News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst and the offices of the ABC in Ultimo, Sydney, the trade union representing journalists, the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) held a rally in Perth on Sunday July 26. Over 80 concerned people attended to hear a number of speakers from across the media spectrum and related fields.  more ...

Unite against the main enemy

Friendly fire can be more dangerous than open confrontation. You only need to look at wars to see the number of casualties due to friendly fire. In the class war, identifying the class enemy is a matter for all revolutionaries. Being able to assess the grey areas is also important. Looking at where work and activity are directed and the results of that work can be a good starting point. Has the work raised the awareness of the working class, has it unified them towards a better position?  more ...

Student action on climate change

The National Union of Students called for a National Day of Action on Climate Change and in Perth students from a number of campuses including Curtin University, University of WA, and Edith Cowan University responded to the call to protest state and federal government inaction on climate change. The rally commenced in Forrest Place in Perth where three student speakers voiced their concerns on climate change before marching to the offices of gas and petroleum corporation, Chevron Australia. The government, anticipating a robust protest, provided over 40 police, including mounted police for the peaceful rally of 200 mostly young students and fellow activists who had assembled outside the QV1 where Chevron had locked access to the building. The rally also targeted Woodside Energy whose headquarters were nearby and Adani Coal.   more ...

Conspiracy theories

A “pink lady” volunteer at Gosford Hospital where I was having dialysis made a passing reference to the Titanic as being not her idea of a safe ship. A fairly safe sort of statement, I would have thought. But no, a nearby patient spoke up straight away to “set the record straight.” According to him, the Rothschilds contrived to sink the Titanic in order to do away with their financial rivals among the numerous wealthy and powerful figures that made up the complement of first class passengers who perished in the disaster!  more ...

New development of Marxist thought

As early as the middle of the 19th century, Marx and Engels revealed the trend of the transformation of national history into world history with an amazing insight through the investigation of capitalist production methods. They pointed out: “The more the original closed state of each nation is due to the increasingly perfect production methods, exchanges, and the division of labour between different ethnic groups naturally formed by exchanges, the more complete the history, the more history becomes world history.”  more ...

HBO’s Chernobyl

Truth, the unvarnished, objectiveness of fact, is the hero of Chernobyl, the controversial HBO mini-series. It was created by Craig Mazin, mostly known for his writing on the sequels to the farcical Scary Movie and Hangover franchises. Unfortunately, the truth gets short shrift in what turns out to be a distorted, if quite well-acted and intellectually terrorising series.  more ...

“Words” of white supremacy

EL PASO, Texas: Five religious leaders who journeyed to El Paso to investigate – and discuss – awful conditions migrants face, just before the white supremacist terrorist massacred 22 people in that Texas border city, unveiled an open pastoral letter to the entire nation linking racist words and policies to the murders, and demanding a massive national effort to end them.  more ...

Hiroshima: demands for end to nuclear weapons

LIVERMORE, California – Determined to oppose the Trump administration’s drive to develop new nuclear weapons and to strengthen the fight to eliminate nuclear weapons worldwide, some 200 demonstrators gathered here on August 6 to rally against what they term “Designing Armageddon” at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  more ...

The War on Innocence

Israel can no longer hide the fact that since the turn of the century it has arrested and interrogated 12,000 Palestinian children, writes Ramzy Baroud.  more ...

Quote of the Week

There is something sacred about big business.

Henry Ford – 1962

This web page was last updated: Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

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