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Guardian #1934 – September 28, 2020 – click here for index of articles.

Discarded … with no help

“Absolutely discarded and left to fend with no help. Thank you, I paid you, I worked for you, I paid taxes and this is how you treat me?” These words from a 25-year-old Indian visa work expressed the feelings of thousands of visa workers let down by the federal government.  more ...

ALP and Coalition both fail on retirement and aged care

Federal MP Tim Wilson, who represents one of Victoria’s most affluent electorates (Goldstein), made some baffling comments which highlight just how out of touch the Coalition really is. On Twitter, Wilson stated that increasing the compulsory superannuation contributions would “make it harder for younger couples to buy their homes.” Author and political commentator Jane Caro responded, stating that “not increasing the super will mean more women end up homeless when they are old.” She asked Wilson which he preferred to which he replied: “They can buy their own home so they’re not homeless” further stating “If you are able to access your savings, then it will make it easier to buy a home. If you cannot, it is harder.” He was roundly mocked for his poor understanding of the problem.  more ...

End of year elections have big implications

The remaining months of 2020 are expected to include several elections around the world that are especially crucial to the direction of world events, and which are guaranteed to be controversial whatever the outcome. On the minds of many people is the US general election scheduled for 3rd November. However, whichever outcome of that election emerges will say little and have little impact on trends in the balance of power in the world; the twin ruling parties of US politics simply represent two factions of the same capitalist ruling class, and their differences are mostly confined to domestic affairs.  more ...

Thatcherism, Reaganomics and Australia’s plan to rebuild

I’m getting square eyes and derrière watching webinars but enjoying hearing such diverse views online due to the pandemic – I always knew every dark cloud had a silver lining! And it’s good to realise that, during these difficult times, there are people out there who are also aware of what is happening to society and prepared to share their views with others.   more ...

Australia values assimilation

On 17th September, the Acting Minister for Immigration, Alan Tudge, announced the changes to the citizenship test to focus on “Australian values” rather than “core facts and figures.” According to Tudge, Australian values are the “glue that binds us all together.” These changes to emphasise values rather than just facts are to apparently strengthen Australia’s national identity.  more ...

Defeat the shameful normalisation deals with Israel

A ceremony was held in Washington DC [on 16th September] for the signing of the normalisation agreements between the UAE and Bahrain on one hand and Israel on the other hand, under the auspices of Trump and Netanyahu, in another humiliating step in the humiliating process of normalisation with the Israeli occupation.  more ...

Lenin and the struggle against petty bourgeois ideology

On 22nd April this year (1982), communists and other progressives celebrated the 112th anniversary of the birth of Lenin, outstanding theoretician and organiser of the international communist movement and leader of the socialist revolution in Russia.  more ...

Menzies’ New Guinea policy condemned by waterside workers

(1964) The Federal Council of the Waterside Workers Federation (WWF) has expressed disgust at the action of the Menzies Government in cutting the salaries of Indigenous employees in the Papua-New Guinea public service by forty to forty-five per cent.  more ...

Call to people of South Coast unite against monopoly grip

(1962) Wollongong (NSW): Building the unity of the working people in struggle against wealthy monopolies, and particularly Broken Hill Pty., whose greedy hands touch virtually every person living in the district, was the main theme of last weekend’s NSW South Coast District Conference of the Communist Party  more ...

REPORT: Car Convoy to stop Deaths in Custody

On 19th September, comrades from the CPA stood in solidarity with the family of David Dungay Junior and the families of all those who have died in custody, sending a contingent to a car convoy held at Long Bay Jail to protest the murder of David Dungay Jnr by prison guards and the unchecked deaths in custody of Indigenous people that the government refuses to do anything about.  more ...

Peace Crimes: Pine Gap, national security and dissent

In this book, author Kieran Finnane, a journalist with the Alice Springs News for nearly thirty years, gives an engrossing account of a valuable chapter in the resistance to the US military facility at Pine Gap over the length of its existence in the very heart of Australia.  more ...

Britain heads in the “WRONG DIRECTION”

The UK could soon face 50,000 new cases and 200 dead per day unless ministers take more action to protect the public, the government’s scientific advisers warned today.  more ...

Barbados to ditch the Queen

The Caribbean nation of Barbados, a British colony until 1966, officially plans to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state and become a republic by November 2021 on the 55th anniversary of its independence.  more ...

Lift the blockade on Cuba! Comrades outside the US Consulate in Perth on Thursday 17th September.


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