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Guardian – July 13, 2020 – click here for index of articles.

Politics of fear – Inside the $270 billion defence funding

In announcing $270 billion for the military on 1st July, Prime Minister Morrison had the task of convincing Australians that the exorbitant spending was necessary. He turned to fear as his chief weapon, evoking the rise of Nazism and World War II and describing the post pandemic world as “poorer, more dangerous and more disorderly.”  more ...

Keneally uses HK residents as political pawns

On 30th June, the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) legislature unanimously passed national security legislation, protecting the rights and interests of millions of Hong Kong (HK) residents, while also ensuring that the “one country, two systems” principle is upheld.  more ...

Australia’s planned $270 billion expansion of its military

In the lead-up to explain his government’s increase in defence spending, PM Morrison said, “We want an open, sovereign Indo-Pacific, free from coercion [...] Where countries can pursue their interests peacefully and without external interference.” If the PM meant what he said, then the correct policy for Australian governments would be to withdraw from US-led wars, to remove US military and spy bases from Australian soil, and denounce the US military build-up in the Indo-Pacific region. Since WW2 Australia’s ruling class has allied itself politically, militarily and economically with the United States. This alliance has brought Australia into the imperialist wars against Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia, and into intervention in the sovereign South Pacific Island states of the Solomon Islands, PNG, East Timor and to some extent, Indonesia.  more ...

War on democratic rights

As the present global capitalist offensive on the people bites deeper, millions of workers, peasants, environmentalists, peace activists, and others affected are taking action and the numbers will only increase with time. Imperialism has been preparing for such a time in Australia and globally by accumulating an armoury of weapons to be used such actions. They can be expected to hit the working class hard as corporations seek to restore their profitability as they come out of the COVID-19 induced recession.   more ...

Free the 9 blocks – Victoria’s second wave

On Tuesday the 20th June, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews released a statement that announced that the next day, at 11:59pm, Stage Three restrictions for selected suburbs in Melbourne were to be introduced. Stage Three restrictions mean that you cannot leave your home unless it is for work, education, exercise, medical care, buying essentials, or care-giving. It is at the police’s discretion whether you meet one of these categories when you leave the house, and if they decide you do not have a legitimate reason, you are fined up to $1652.  more ...

On the assault on CFMEU Officials

The Melbourne Branch of the Communist Party of Australia strongly condemns the brutal assault on the two young CFMEU officials last week on 30th June at a building site in Hawthorne East.  more ...

The humanities fees hike, neoliberal ideology, and plagues

In 1967, Noam Chomsky wrote American Power – and the New Mandarins, a devastatingly accurate dissection of American imperial ruthlessness. It was, and still is, a devastating critique of American intellectuals: his “new mandarins” being those who, through their silence, remain subservient to those in power. He goes on to say “It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and to expose lies.”  more ...

REPORT: BLM rally in Boorloo (Perth)

At midday, Saturday at the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, over 1000 people gathered in mild sunny conditions to protest against systemic and institutionalised racism. This racism is often built into the way a capitalist society is structured and organised – from the way people are housed and accommodated to employment practices, criminal justice and social welfare. The rally and march were organised by a collective of young Aboriginal and African activists, under the name of Boorloo Justice.  more ...

Report: BLM rally on Gadigaal Land (Sydney)

The Black Lives Matter movement stays strong in Sydney and all over Australia! Gadigal Elder Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovener, daughter of Aboriginal activist and wharfie Chicka Dixon, her daughter Nadeena Dixon, with the assistance of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), and the Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA), had their voices heard by protesters and police in the thousands in Sydney on Sunday 5th July. A static demonstration was held at Djarrbarrgalli, now the The Domain. Djarrbarrgalli is a sacred area for the Gadigal people where historically corroborees were held, and under colonisation, Djarrbarrgalli was used as a place to soapbox for Aboriginal voices to be heard. This sentiment was echoed at the peaceful demonstration where the families of the victims of police brutality were able to speak on the importance of Black lives, criticisms of the justice system, how police brutality has affected them, and ultimately the Black struggle in Australia.  more ...

Art against fascism

Why write on art at this moment in the midst of a terrific war against the powerful fascist foe, and when a bitter election campaign is in progress?  more ...

The future belongs to the Communist Movement

Over the past three weeks or so, sixty-two members of the Communist Party in Victoria have resigned. These resignations were a planned move in the campaign of disruption and factionalism by a group led by E F Hill.  more ...

British piracy still alive; Venezuelan gold stolen

The UK High Court has shamefully ruled against the Venezuelan government’s claim on around one billion US dollars’ worth of gold reserves kept at the Bank of England. The court ruled that as the UK government has recognised Juan Guaido’s group as the government of Venezuela, tailing the outrageous US policy, the account now belongs to them.  more ...

Rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents

The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) was passed unanimously by the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislature, on 30th June.  more ...

COMPETITION – How would you spend $270 billion?

The government has plans to spend an additional $270 billion on upgrading the defence forces for war. The Guardian is running a competition: How would you spend $270 billion? On war preparations and killing machines? Or do you have a better idea? We would like to know how you would spend the money.  more ...


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