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Guardian – August 3, 2020 – click here for index of articles.

Workers in the firing line

The government is determined to extend the additional “flexibility” given to employers to change wages, hours of work and work performed at short notice. Employer bodies are now pressing for these “flexibility” measures to become permanent for the government to completely deregulate the labour market.  more ...

Frydenberg – A confused economist

A couple of weeks ago, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told ABC television’s Insiders program that “Thatcher and Reagan are figures of hate for the left because they were so successful.” For him, their success was marked by the fact that “One got two terms, which was the maximum that you can get in the United States. Margaret Thatcher got 11 and a half years,” the result of both former leaders “cut[ting] red tape and they cut taxes and delivered stronger economies.”   more ...

Resist the war drive

The trend of military build-up in our country has entered a new and dangerous stage. The signs are unmistakable: our government is preparing for war.  more ...

Locked out Woolworths warehouse workers in Wyong

On Friday the 24th July, 550 workers at the Woolworths distribution centre in Wyong took strike action. These workers were supported by their union, the United Workers’ Union (UWU) to strike to remedy serious grievances with Woolworths. These grievances include unsafe work practices, rates of pay that are lower than that of warehouse workers employed by Woolworths in identical warehouses in Sydney, and to convert workers who have been stuck in casual positions for years to permanent positions. Woolworths retaliated by locking the workers out until Wednesday the following week in a move described by UWU as “heartless.” The UWU established a 24-hour picket outside the distribution centre.   more ...

Cancel culture outrage much ado about nothing

What is “cancel culture”? Why is it getting so much attention? Should we worry about it? Cancel culture supposedly involves commentators being subjected to concerted attempts to have them sacked from jobs and banned from appearing in various media platforms, merely for expressing controversial opinions.   more ...

No elections for Bolivia

Bolivia’s elections have been postponed for the third time since the leaders of Bolivia’s coup took over late last year. Instead of holding elections on the 6th September, elections will now (fingers crossed) take place on the 18th October.  more ...

Pandemic failures in aged care revealed in survey

Pandemic failures in aged care revealed in survey; workers feel “unprepared, untrained, unsafe.”   more ...

Common market aim monopoly, war and fascism

(1962) The Common Market’s European Investment Bank is now actively promoting mergers of giant monopolies into internationalised super-monopolies.   more ...

Onslaught on the BLF

(1985) The Victorian, NSW, and federal governments are pressing ahead with their plans to deregister the Builders’ Laborers’ Federation (BLF) despite the lifting last week of the BLF work bans which led to the deregistration moves. The bans were imposed as part of a campaign for an inquiry into the conviction of BLF leader Norm Gallagher and also in support of a 36-hour week.  more ...

East Timor: Hawke unrepentant

(1985) Prime Minister Hawke’s remarks on Indonesian TV have extended Australian recognition to Indonesia’s violent annexation of East Timor. Portugal, still recognised by the United Nations as the administering power of East Timor, has withdrawn its ambassador to Canberra. Despite this, Hawke seems unrepentant that, in the name of his government, he has sold out the East Timorese people who have suffered and died under ten years of Indonesian military rule.  more ...

US’ cold war with China puts allies in crossfire

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling for “an alliance of democracies” to confront China. It amounts to a new Cold War in which nations are being forced to side either with Washington or Beijing.  more ...


This web page was last updated: Monday, August 3, 2020


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