14th CPA Congress – Resolution on the situation in Ukraine

14th CPA Congress – Resolution on the situation in Ukraine

Adopted on 25-27 February 2022

The war between Russia and Ukraine is part of a wider conflict between capitalist powers, between Russia on one side and Ukraine and the expansionist NATO powers on the other.

Neither side in this war stands for the real interests of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, which include living in peace and determining the future of their own society free from outside domination.

We note that Russia and all other countries have the right to security of their borders as guaranteed by UN Conventions.

The conditions for today’s war have been created by a number of factors including:

  • the eastwards expansion of NATO;
  • the US- and fascist-backed coup to replace Ukraine’s democratically elected president by pro-Western politicians in 2014; The Ukrainian Communist Party and its MPs have been banned and the country thrown open to Western capital;
  • the refusal of the Ukrainian government to implement the UN-backed Minsk II Agreement including autonomy for the Donbass region; and
  • the escalating attacks on the “people’s republics” in Donetsk and Lugansk.

However, this cannot justify the military offensive against Ukraine. This onslaught further destabilises Ukraine and will strengthen the hand of those who prefer militarism and war to the peaceful settlement of problems between and within states. Already, the giant oil and armaments corporations are making enormous profits out of this conflict.

The Communist Party of Australia calls for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, a halt to all military operations, and negotiations to bring about a just settlement of the Ukraine question.

The CPA condemns the US-NATO-EU military build-up which will further destabilise the region.

The CPA demands the Australian Government use diplomatic means to bring about a negotiated solution to the conflict rather than follow the US-NATO-EU allies.