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RALLY: Housing Justice Now

82 Wentworth Park Road Glebe. This relatively young building composed of family units and single bedroom flats is set to be demolished and replaced by a four-storey building of single flats. The environmental and economic costs of providing a few more flats are unsustainable while the costs to residents in disruption of their lives and health are excessive. Adding poignancy to the situation is that directly across the road homeless men and women are sleeping under the arches of an aqueduct. Photo: Hands Off Glebe

Saturday 11th February 12 noon

Sydney Town Hall

Sydney and NSW are in a severe housing crisis.

We demand: Eliminate homelessness now. Defend and extend public housing. Freeze all rents for two years. Cap mortgage repayments for at-risk homeowners.

Organised by Action for Public Housing, Hands Off Glebe.

Ph 0403 517 266

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