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The 2022-23 Southern Cross Brigade

Join us in December 2022!

We are working hard with our comrades at ICAP to finalise some preliminary details for the 2022-23 Southern Cross Brigade.

The 38th edition of the Southern Cross Brigade will kick off on 29 December 2022. The Southern Cross Brigade offers Australian and New Zealand friends of Cuba the opportunity to learn more about the island nation’s unique, yet often misunderstood, political history and to participate in Cuba’s rich cultural heritage. As Cuba, Australia and New Zealand reopen, there is no better time to join the brigade and to find out what life is like in socialist Cuba!

Brigadistas (brigade participants) will also meet with a range of Cubans who work for national organisations, such as the unions and the Women’s Federation, as well as people working in government, including economists and foreign affairs experts. Participants will also experience agricultural life, spending five mornings alongside Cuban farmers doing agricultural activities such as fruit picking, pruning or planting.

The majority of the three week trip will be spent in a camp about an hour’s drive outside of Havana. Preliminary plans for the 2022 edition include travel to the provinces of Matanzas and Villa Clara, as well as time in Havana. Brigadistas will visit museums and sites, such as the Che Guevara Mausoleum, Fidel Castro Centre and Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs) Museum, as well as locations related to the creation and distribution of Cuba’s home-grown COVID-19 vaccines and discussions with volunteers fighting the pandemic in health centres. There will also be time to explore localities and speak with locals on your own.

International flights, visas and health insurance are not included in the cost of the Southern Cross Brigade and will need to be arranged separately.
A more precise itinerary, and prices, will be announced and promoted shortly.

If you wish to learn more about joining us in December 2022, please do not hesitate to send us a message, email us at or join the Facebook group.

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