The Guardian • Issue #1949

Support the just struggle of India’s farmers

The Communist Party of Australia supports the just struggle of the farmers of India for the repeal of legislation in the Indian Parliament that hands control of farm produce to the transnational corporations.

We call on our government in Australia to denounce its links to the Modi RSS-BJP government. Australia has formed an alliance of plunder with Japan, the United States and India, which they call the “Quad.” Behind the “Quad” are the large monopoly corporations that control the natural resources sectors of their respective countries.

In Australia, the farm sector is heavily controlled by these monopolies which has increased rural unemployment and destroyed communities. Corporations such as Adani from India and Asahi from Japan are joined by Santos and others. Our grain marketing is already controlled by these joint corporations. The section of the population engaged in farming in Australia has halved in the last decade. Rural unemployment has been maintained while the corporations that have monopoly control over our agriculture have increased their reliance on temporary visa workers often paying below sustainable wage levels.

The Modi RSS-BJP government is part of a chain of these governments that puts the corporate interests ahead of the people. The raids on journalists and the use of communalist gangs have nothing to do with democracy. The withdrawal of union rights and privatisation of the people’s assets are all too familiar. Religion is used as a smokescreen to keep the control of natural resources in the hands the large corporations.

We call on Indian workers and Australian workers to unite in support of the just demands of the Indian farmers. The Indian community in Australia should know that we have our own Modis in Australia; politicians who promise much while handing our nation and land to the same corporate interests. They conspire to remove the rights of Australian workers, both in industry, and agriculture.

Australians are largely unaware of the alliance between our respective governments, and their anti-people agenda. Your struggle is not only awakening India but is also awakening the peoples of our two countries to the dangers of these corporate-controlled governments.

We wish you success and extend our hand in friendship and solidarity.

In Solidarity

David Matters

Assistant General Secretary

Communist Party of Australia

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