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Issue #1436      18 November 2009

The struggle for food becomes militarised

Statement, Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

The Spanish military intervention – together with other countries from the EU – in the Indian Ocean has the goal of protecting militarily the plunder of the Somali fisheries by the European fishing fleet. There are no international agreements for this activity by the Basque fleet to be carried out. Also there is no economic compensation for Somalia and there are no limitations to the greed of the European fishing fleet who use all kind of activities – illegal in other places – that exhaust the sea resources of the area, thus endangering their capacity of reproduction and maintenance.

At the same time, the EU takes advantage of this situation to install their military presence in the West of Africa, in an area that has important strategic resources – and the transit of the 60 percent of world oil – that are being disputed by the different imperialist powers. In this same expansive path, France has recently installed a new military base in Abu Dhabi.

The Zapatero government [of Spain] has been an enthusiastic promoter of this military strategy in the Indian Ocean. Since the first moment that the propaganda campaign on this issue was initiated, they have deployed several units of the Navy in the area. This action is coordinated with the PNV (Basque Nationalist Party) as the representative of the Basque shipowners who plunder the waters of the Indian Ocean in front of Somalia. Zapatero also had the support of the Spanish Parliament.

Recently the Zapatero government has authorised – and also partly pays for – the presence of private mercenaries in the fishing ships, mercenaries whose scouting party is the security company of the fascist José Luis Roberto, owner and leader of the party-company España 2000 (Spain 2000).

The behaviour of the fishing fleet in stealing these resources is taking place along all the coasts of the continent. The immediate consequences of this theft are impoverishment of the local fishing populations and destruction of their economically precarious way of living.

The EU has previously signed fishing agreements with Morocco. Those agreements have no legitimacy in an international context. Thus the Spanish fishing companies participate in this illegal plunder of the fisheries in the Sahara waters.

The occupation of the ship Alakrana by the local fishermen is the logical consequence of this line of intervention. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) expresses its solidarity with the families of the fishermen in these difficult moments. The shipowners only risk a reduction of their profit.

When you invade, steal and destroy a country’s resources it is normal that its population uses any strategy to defend their sovereignty.

In this case, the Zapatero government, wanting to achieve a better position in the world imperialist chain, has kidnapped two Somalian men in international waters and is trying to create a show trial with which to emulate the actions of Yankee imperialism in Guantánamo. In this case, the jumpsuits are not orange, but white, but the same techniques of kidnapping are used.

The solution to this situation must come from:

  • The immediate end of all the fishing activities not submitted to international laws and not respecting the international law of the sea.
  • End all dumping of refuse and toxic waste in the coastal waters of Africa.
  • The establishment of economic agreements – based on the principle of mutual benefit – on the basis of the acknowledgement of the sovereignty of the African countries over their material resources.
  • Renouncing the Spanish government for its imperialist strategy.

The Executive Committee of the PCPE makes a calling for the mobilisation of the working class and the popular strata to demand these measures to be immediately put in practice.

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