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Issue #1455      19 May 2010

Don’t Jail Ark Tribe!
Abolish the ABCC!

The Communist Party of Australia calls on all fair-minded Australians to show solidarity with South Australian construction worker Ark Tribe. He has been hounded by the notorious construction industry secret police force, the Australian Building and Construction Commission, ever since it charged him with failing to attend an interrogation regarding a union health and safety meeting at his workplace in 2008. His matter comes before the Adelaide Magistrates Court again on June 15, 16 and 18 and he faces six months jail and fines of up to $22,000 if convicted.

Ark Tribe

Ark Tribe is an outstanding example of the firm resolve and courage that built the labour movement in this country and secured the rights and conditions now being undermined by waves of anti-union legislation. In taking a stand against the police state powers of the ABCC he is defending the rights of all workers to organise for their own safety and in their own interests.

Ark has earned the solidarity of all Australian workers and we will work with his union and others to build the biggest possible rallies in support of Ark when the despicable charges against him are heard again in June. We wholeheartedly support the demands of building and construction workers – “Don’t Jail Ark Tribe!”, “Abolish the ABCC!”.

The CPA fully supports the calls to demonstrate in support of Ark Tribe and the decision of his union to take industrial action in the event he is imprisoned. We condemn the government’s legislation that takes industrial matters to the civil courts. The Act that provides the framework for the ABCC must be repealed. 

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