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Issue #1473      22 September 2010

Why vote for the communist slate in Venezuela?

Crucial parliamentary elections are coming up in Venezuela on September 26. The Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV – United Socialist Party of Venezuela), the ruling party led by Chávez, is expected to win once again, but the outcome could be tighter than previous elections. The opposition forces have managed to regroup into one “grand coalition” which includes even some nominally “left” and previously pro-Chávez forces.

There is also an intensified disinformation and slander campaign by the bourgeois media, both domestic and international. According to a study by the National Electoral Council, 75.4 percent of televised campaign advertisements have been pro-opposition, and 24.6 percent have been pro-government since the race for 165 seats in Venezuela’s National Assembly officially began.

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) has reached an electoral agreement with the PSUV, and is endorsing the pro-Chávez slate in its entirety. This agreement is different from the previous set of elections, when the PCV supported most of the PSUV candidates, but ran three or four PCV candidates in specific areas where the PSUV candidates were considered either corrupt or “closet” counter-revolutionaries.

The PCV is campaigning hard to get voters to support the PCV “slate”, which is identical to the PSUV slate. The PCV’s reasoning is laid out in the following article by Alejandro Ruiz, translated from the Spanish original (Venezuela Cantaclaro, 10-09-2010):

For the first time in its nearly 80-year history, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) has a prominent place on the ballot: top left, next to the majority United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). The place, once reserved for the bourgeois parties AD, Copei and the reformist MAS, is now reserved for the forces of the Bolivarian Revolution, and this is no small thing in political-electoral struggle.

Thanks to the alliance between socialists and communists for the upcoming elections on September 26, all candidates of the PSUV are those of the PCV in the nomination lists in all states. So why vote for the Communists? Is it not the same as voting PSUV?

Electorally speaking it is the same, but every vote for the PCV will have a distinct quality in the battle to deepen the revolution, to fight the counter-revolutionary and reformist tendencies.

This reason would be enough to vote for the Communists. But there are other reasons as well. Every vote for the PCV would be a recognition of its consequential history, since its founding in 1931, in the fight for socialism and its loyalty to Commander Chávez since his presidential candidacy in February 1998.

While some who claimed they were loyal to President Chávez have since betrayed the Revolution and deserted to the ranks of the opposition and imperialism, the leaders and militants of PCV have remained consistent over the 11 years of this revolutionary government.

Each ballot marked “PCV” is a vote against the renegades of the past and against the traitors of today with their theories of “democratic socialism”, who have now joined with the most reactionary forces in intemperate attacks against Chávez and the Revolution.

Every vote for the Communists is also a vote for honest and constructive criticism of revolutionary failures and errors in the development of governance.

In addition, each vote for the PCV is a vote in support of proposed revolutionary laws which help to transform the social relations of production and to build the hegemony of the socialist alternative to the current capitalist reality, such as the Law of the Social Councils of Workers, permitting the working class to exercise control in existing public and private companies.

Your vote for the PCV will support those who have strongly promoted the passage of the New Organic Labour Act in the National Assembly and in the streets - a law which will establish general and absolute job security, the reduction of the working day, retroactive increases for pre- and postnatal care and other social benefits.

A vote for the PCV is also a vote for its proposal to nationalise and socialise the entire banking and financial system of the country, with mechanisms for the participation of workers in the control of management. And to root out those corrupt financial elements who victimise their customers, and profiteer from our country’s oil revenues.

And finally, a vote for the Communists will strengthen the international movement that has been most engaged in defence of the Bolivarian Revolution around the world. While so-called “socialist” parties on various continents and the Socialist International (social democrats – Ed) itself are uniting with the right to attack Chávez and his government, the communist parties everywhere – in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania – are fervent defenders of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Each vote for the PCV will be like a stone in the teeth of the anti-communist campaign of the Cardinal and the bourgeoisie. It will be like a stone in the teeth of the liars of Globovision, the newspaper El Nacional and other private media. Every vote for the Communists will be a missile to the heart of imperialism and its lackeys. And the more the votes, the more the enemies of our Revolution will tremble in fear.

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