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Issue #1474      29 September 2010


Mass demonstrations against price hikes

On September 23 thousands of workers, self-employed, poor farmers, women and young people from the popular strata protested in demonstrations held throughout the country against increases in electricity rates, VAT and heating fuel.

The demonstrations were organised by the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME), the Nationwide Antimonopoly Rally of the Self-employed and the Small Tradesman (PASEVE), the All Farmers’ Militant Rally (PASY), the Greek Women Federation (OGE) and the Students’ Militant Front (MAS) and were held in 58 cities across the country.

In Athens the demonstration took place in Omonoia Square. The protesters marched to the Ministry of Finance and declared their decision to struggle in every way against the efforts to place new burdens on the popular strata.

At the same time, the joint demonstration organised by the aforementioned organisations constitutes an important step towards building a unified front that will struggle for the people to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Also for another path of development and another type of power aiming at the people’s prosperity; at a development in favour of the people and not the monopolies.

In his speech the representative of PAME, Ilias Stamelos, referred distinctly to the first joint initiative of the mass organisations: “We decided to coordinate our forces and our struggles on the basis of our common interests; to contribute to the development of a strong movement that will struggle for the overthrow, in order for the monopolies to pay for the crisis. No more sacrifices for their interests.

“A unified front of employees in private and public sectors, of self-employed, poor farmers, women and youth that will struggle for a decent life and a safe future for our children is needed”.

Thanasis Pafilis, district administrator candidate of People’s Rally in Attica, Nikos Sophianos and Elpida Padelaki, candidate mayors in Athens and Piraeus respectively as well as numerous representatives of the lists of People’s Rally attended the demonstration in Athens. 

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