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Issue #1487      2  February 2011

“Listen to the demands of the people”

Statement, Tunisian General Trade Union

The Executive Bureau of the Tunisian General Trade Union met on January 26, 2011, under the chairmanship of the General Secretary, comrade Abdessalem Jerad. After reviewing the current situation of the country and the clear and precise positions taken by the Central Trade Union as well as the civil and political society and taking into consideration the acts of vandalism and looting that targeted some headquarters of the UGTT, the Executive Bureau of the Union:

1: Strongly condemns the acts of vandalism which targeted the headquarters of the UGTT in some areas. These acts remind the trade unionists, activists and workers of the events of January 26, 1978. These practices will only strengthen the resistance of the unions and their willingness to fight. This will not change their decision to continue their struggle and guide protesters in accordance with the claims of the civil and political society, and all the population.

2: Thanks those who defended the UGTT and all those who struggled to support the historical position of the Central Trade Union, based on the commitment to the principles of the revolution and on the composition of a government that serves the revolution, a government that breaks completely with the old regime, works with transparency and credibility to build a better future, based on strengthening public and private freedoms, democracy and human rights.

3: Thanks all the associations, the non-governmental organisations and the political parties and sensitivities for supporting the decisions of the UGTT and its governing structures that, despite differences of opinion and appreciation on their performance, form a protective shield for militants and activists and remain vigilant to defend the Central Trade Union and a united front against all attempts to ransack the offices of the UGTT and to undermine its unity.

4: Warns against the violent turn that characterises the situation and other acts perpetrated by militias who want to sow disorder and prevent people from showing their protest peacefully, and with responsibility. The Executive Bureau calls on all trade unionists and workers to save the companies and production sites and condemns any attempt to destroy the achievements of the population.

5: Calls on the President of the Republic to listen carefully to the demands of the people and the UGTT which expresses, in this crucial period, the willingness to interact with all the ideas that are consistent with the decisions of the leading structures of the Central trade union.

Long live the workers’ struggle for freedom, justice, democracy and human rights.  

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