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Issue #1493      16 March 2011

Vote for people’s representatives

NSW will go to the polls on Saturday March 26. All the predictions are a crushing defeat of Labor by the Liberals.

The NSW Labor government is likely to be massively defeated because the people have been alienated by more than a decade of privatisation, over-development, and other policies supporting business instead of community interests.

NSW Labor has sold off our State’s retail electricity assets for peanuts. Public transport, public hospitals and public schools have been run down. Billions of dollars have been wasted in disastrous “public-private partnerships”. Public housing has been run down while more and more people face soaring rents and house prices.

The result of right wing Labor policies will be the victory of even more right wing Liberal policies from an O’Farrell government. This will mean more suffering for working people, including cuts to social services, undermining public housing, public health and public education, and much more.

We need as many left and progressive candidates as possible elected in order to build a force in the NSW Parliament, especially the Upper House, that can help defend working people from the Liberal attacks after the election.

How to Vote in NSW March 26

LOWER HOUSE – Legislative Assembly

Balmain Vote 1 Jamie Parker (Greens)
Keira Vote 1 Paola Harvey (Socialist Alliance)
Marrickville Vote 1
Vote 2
Fiona Byrne (Greens)
Pip Hinman (Socialist Alliance)
Newcastle Vote 1 Zane Alcorn (Socialist Alliance)
Parramatta Vote 1 Duncan Roden (Socialist Alliance)

In all other seats, Vote 1 for Green or progressive independent candidates.

Always put Labor before Liberals / Nationals.
Leave the ultra-right parties such as One Nation,
Shooters Party and Christian Democrats to the very last.

UPPER HOUSE – Legislative Council

Vote below the line for at least 15 candidates

David Shoebridge Greens 1
Jan Barham Greens 2
Andrew Ferguson ALP (no. 6 on ALP ticket) 3
Peter Boyle Socialist Alliance 4
Jess Moore Socialist Alliance 5
Luis Almario Socialist Alliance 6
Susan Price Socialist Alliance 7
Ibrahim Barssi Socialist Alliance 8
Bea Bleile Socialist Alliance 9
Raul Bassi Socialist Alliance 10
Simon Cunich Socialist Alliance 11
Rachel Evans Socialist Alliance 12
Ross Geary Socialist Alliance 13
John Coleman Socialist Alliance 14
Steve O’Brien Socialist Alliance 15

Vote for people’s representatives in the NSW Parliament on March 26

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