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Issue #1506      22 June 2011

A powerful KKE in the struggles

The KKE (Communist Party of Greece) held mass political demonstrations in Athens and in 55 other Greek cities. It made a direct political intervention in the anti-people political developments which the wealthy ruling class have scheduled, through a new government reshuffle amid various scenarios for the management of capitalism. The Party’s General Secretary Aleka Papariga, spoke at the demonstration in Athens last week, and stressed amongst other things that:

The Party’s General Secretary Aleka Papariga

We demand elections so that the people can cause the first deep wound in the bourgeois political system. The weaker the government which will be formed, the easier it will be for the people to avert the worse.

We ignore the intention of the Prime Minister to resign, the readiness of the President of ND [New Democracy – conservative], Samaras, for a coalition government, as well as the outcome which is a farcical reshuffle. We ignore the reshuffle-operetta; it is of no importance which minister leaves or who takes his place. The consensus has only failed temporarily, they will make another attempt.

Ignore their threats that if the Greek people do not comply they will find themselves without wages and pensions. They are trying to turn their dilemmas into the dilemmas of the people. They are trying to turn their panic and fear in the face of the exposure of the nature of the capitalist system into the panic and fear of the people.

When those above tremble, the people below must counterattack with even greater militancy. The crisis in the Eurozone is deep, especially in Ireland and Portugal. They predict problems for the Italian economy and that the crisis in Spain will sharpen. Consequently all the peoples will pay, and so it is not a matter of a form of renegotiation of the debt which ND and SYRIZA [Coalition of Radical Left] are shouting about.

We must highlight what the business groups, monopolies, the EU and NATO owe to the people as do the bourgeois parties of ND and PASOK [social democrat] of course the people must not pay anything.

The people must with its own hands take back what they are owed and what belongs to them.

They owe the people because of the surplus value they steal in the process of production.

They owe the workers in retail, services, in the public and private sector, they owe wages and pensions to the overwhelming majority of salaried workers. They owe the massive wealth they have accumulated in the vaults of Switzerland and elsewhere. They owe from the robbery of the social-security funds.

They owe everything which ordinary Greek families have paid for education, healthcare and prevention, health and safety measures. They owe enormous amounts due to the huge sums spent on military equipment thanks to NATO and the local wars.

There exist productive, developmental possibilities due to the mineral wealth we have which can be implemented in various ways, in nearly every sector of industry, in every sector of agricultural production, in shipping and fishing.

This enormous debt will be collected by the people only when they take the power into their own hands, as well as ownership of the means of production, through socialisation and popular cooperatives.

Through withdrawal from the EU, through workers’ and people’s control from the bottom up, with a people’s parliament with representatives elected from the workplaces, the pensioners’ organisations, school and university students, with national planning that will abolish every form of unemployment. The protagonists in these developments will not be the people in a vague sense but the united front and alliance of workers, self-employed, farmers, students, and women from the working class and popular strata.

There is strength with a concrete proposal, experience and consistent militancy without dangerous and opportunistic manoeuvres: this strength is found in the KKE, the social popular front of the radical social organisations which are rallied in the alliance of PAME, PASEVE, PASY, OGE and MAS. [Trade union, small business, farm worker, women and student organisations.]

Anti-people scenarios are being prepared in the background; they are even being tested in the streets and squares.

Those who have been wronged are not the only ones to be found in the squares. Representatives of lobbies of powerful economic and political interests appear as indignant people in the squares, as well as representatives of NGOs which have a specific role, former and possibly present collaborators with the PASOK leadership – they agitate for modernising and allegedly renewing solutions.

No to an alliance with a vague title of left and progressive forces, modernisers and renewers, but for an alliance of anti-monopoly, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist forces, an alliance which is united in its struggle against the power of the monopolies, for popular power.

Not one step forward can be made without alliance with the KKE, without a strong and powerful KKE.  

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