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Issue #1509      13 July 2011

URNG condemns the abominable murder of Facundo Cabral

On Saturday July 9, the well known poet and singer/songwriter Facundo Cabral was murdered in cold blood by macine-gun fire in Guatemala City. The following is a statement issued by the National Executive Committed of URNG.*

The barbarism, that was assumed to be a thing of the past, continues to reign, dominating this country.

No longer is it enough for them to have killed the talent and national intelligence, they have also killed the distinguished poet and Argentine singer/songwriter, Facundo Cabral.

Facundo always sang about life, hope, love, freedom and for justice. He committed the error of preaching justice, love and peace where all that had been assassinated.

Facundo suffered exactly the same fate as several hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans who, fighting for the same reasons, were assassinated in the same way in the streets, fields and cities of Guatemala.

URNG condemns this abominable murder committed by, same as always, the enemies of justice, freedom, love and Peace.

The murder of Facundo, as if it were necessary, brings still more grief to our homeland that struggles and resists against being the victim of the more infamous criminality bound to drug trafficking and national and international organised crime.

We hope that due to the magnitude of this crime, there is also a quick and special intervention by the authorities to clarify it and bring about justice.

“Vive de instante en instante, porque eso es la vida.”

Vuela Alto Facundo

*URNG – Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity has its origins in the armed struggle in Guatemala, coordinating four groups – the Communist, Guatemalan Worker’s Party (PGT), the Guerrilla Army of the Poor (EGP), the Rebel Armed Forces (FAR) and the Organisation of People in Arms (ORPA). The organisations united in their common desire to take state power and implement political and social revolution in Guatemala. In 1998, two years after the signing of the peace accords and demobilisation of the guerilla forces, the URNG became a political party and participated in the electoral process in 1999. General elections are due in September 2011. The URNG in Alliance with FRENTE AMPLIO (Broad Front) has endorsed Dr Rigoberta Menchu (Indigenous leader and 1992 Nobel Peace Laureate) as Presidential Candidate and Anibal Garcia as the Vice-President Candidate.   

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