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Issue #1543      18 April 2012

Kosovo administration bogged down in crime

In Kosovo, the chief prosecutor of the anti-corruption agency of the area Nazmi Mustafi was arrested on suspicion of corruption. The arrest warrant was ordered by a prosecutor of the EU Mission in the rule of law.

Mustafi is suspected of extorting a bribe from a suspect in a case investigated by his agency. Investigators believe that the main Kosovo anti-corruption leader took other bribes for shutting down cases.

According to local press reports, the majority of the cases under investigation either fell apart or the defendants got off with probation.

The Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency was established in 2010. Nazmi Mustafi was appointed as head of the department by Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, the former head of the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army”.

The absurdity of the situation is not only the fact that he took bribes, and did it so blatantly that it caught the attention of the EU Mission. Here is another proof for the Europeans that a real criminal enclave emerged in the Balkans with the direct support of the European Union.

The name of Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci popped up again (the book of the former prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal Carla del Ponte “The Hunt” talked about Thaci’s involvement in the trade in human organs).

In 1999, members of the Kosovo Liberation Army kidnapped some 300 Serbs and other non-Albanians and took them to Albania. The sick ones were immediately killed, while healthier ones were fed for slaughter, and then sent to the operating table where their hearts, kidneys and other donor organs were extracted for sale. According to Del Ponte, Tachi received 80 percent of profits from this business. Nearly 400 pieces of evidence were collected against him, but the Hague judges decided to destroy them.

In 2010, a report of Swiss member of Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Dick Marty was published. In particular, it said that in 1990s, the leaders of the United States and European Union countries were told about the involvement of Thaci in contract killing, but they did not listen. “We found that the head of Drenitsky group was Hashim Thaci. He and other members of the group are constantly referred to as ‘major players’ in the intelligence reports on organised crime structures of Kosovo,” stressed the report.

After Marty’s report, an investigation was initiated. It was found that the organ trade in Kosovo had continued to flourish until recently. Former Health Minister of Kosovo Ilir Retsay is suspected of involvement in the “black transplant” business.

However, the information contained in Del Ponte’s book and Marty’s report did not shake the position of Hashim Thaci. In this light, the appointment of the anti-corruption leader of Kosovo engaged in corruption is not surprising.


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