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Issue #1556      18 July 2012


The Sudanese People on the March

In its statement the Secretariat of the CC of the Sudanese Communist Party has called on its members, supporters and the general population to continue to demonstrate their protest against the policies of the ruling regime. It stressed the importance of the continuation of the mass demonstrations, occupation of the streets, raising the levels of the battle till the overthrow of the regime.

The demonstrations started on June 16 by Khartoum University students and were immediately joined by other university students. The character of the demonstrations has changed with the active participation of different sections of the population. While the streets of Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman have witnessed tens of thousands of protesters, the cities and towns of Atbara, Karima in the North, Portsudan, Kassala and Algadarif in the East, Madni,and Kosti and Alobied in the West have witnessed mass protest actions not seen in the recent past. In short the demonstrations have spread to the different corners of the country with thousands joining the protest movement.

The regime’s response is utmost brutality. There has been intense police and national security crack-down on the peaceful protesters with extreme violence used to disperse the masses. Hundreds were seriously injured especially among the students, where the regime used its civilian thugs, the baltigia and shibiha of Sudan, to attack the demonstrators with knives, iron rods and sticks.

A lot of students and demonstrators were detained for days and released. However in the past few days a number of activists, whom the regime label as ringleaders were detained.

Information trickling out of detention centres in Khartoum North speak of torture during intensive interrogation. The headquarters of the National Intelligence Security Services is busy receiving detained activists of different political organisations. It is worth mentioning that majority of the press were either forced into reporting the regime’s version or closed down.

Almidan, the official organ of the Sudanese Communist Party is virtually closed.

While the peaceful demonstrations are continuing, spreading and encompassing  new forces, the regime is resorting to unprecedented repression. Albashir called on the security forces to crush the” insects”. It is clear that Albashir is a criminal and will not stop at any brutality to defend his rule. It is expected that the regime will detain, torture and eliminate its opponents, because its rule is not just cruel and brutal, but incompetent and corrupt.

It is at this juncture, comrades, when our people are fighting to put an end to 23 years of misery, we appeal to you to raise to the highest level your solidarity with and support to the struggle of our people for democracy and social justice. Help us to fetter the hands of the thugs of the security services, to respect the right to peaceful protest, to demand the release of all political detainees.

The coming days and weeks will witness more stubborn resistance against the dictatorial regime.

We shall fight on until final victory.

In solidarity, Secretariat of the CC of the SCP  

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