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Issue #1556      18 July 2012

Statement: General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW)

Thugs attack workers and trade union offices

On July 10, a group of thugs stormed the GFIW Head Office in Baghdad attacking and assaulting trade union activists and leaders of the GFIW. They smashed doors of the offices of three unions: Construction Workers, Mechanics and Printers, seizing union records and belongings and forcibly removing trade union activists and staff from the GFIW building under a barrage of physical threats and abuses.

This latest cowardly attack is a continuation of violations committed by these thugs. A few days earlier, they illegally shut the GFIW headquarters, barring leaders and activists of unions from access to their offices.

The GFIW warn these sinister proxy thugs and their masters, who are seeking to impose their control and dominate the GFIW and its unions, to stop their intimidation and physical attacks against trade unionists. The GFIW asserts that it shall use all legal means to bring these thugs to justice, and calls on the government and its law and order agencies to intervene to put an end to these violations and attacks.

The GFIW appeals to all patriotic forces, Iraqi public opinion, civil society organisations, and Arab and international trade union organisations to condemn these cowardly attacks and express solidarity with Iraqi workers and their trade union movement, and prevent interference in the internal affairs of the unions by any party.

Long live Iraqi working people and their trade union movement

Shame and disgrace on those who seek to falsify the free will of trade unions.

Baghdad July 10, 2012  

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