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Issue #1563      5 September 2012

An independent voice

There are relatively few independent sources of news and analysis. The mass media is owned and controlled by big business interests and serves those interests. The Murdoch media carries a range of views, but these are always within “safe” limits and rarely pose any challenge to the business class. There might be a debate such as over how to privatise Telstra or electricity, but how often do you see the question raised of whether they should be privatised at all? When they talk about “the economy” they mean private profits, not secure well paid jobs, health services or education for the people.

Just a few months ago Murdoch’s Australian claimed that the Communist Party had gone out of existence! Well it is still here, still taking the same principled stand in defence of working class interests.

And The Guardian is still here and here to stay. But to do this we need your help.

Recently we increased the price of the paper, while leaving the concessional price for subscriptions untouched. We are very conscious of the difficulties many readers have in meeting their own bills. The price still does not meet the full cost of production, despite the fact our staff are low paid and we rely on many volunteers. The Press Fund is one means by which we attempt to meet that gap.

We are in the process of redesigning the appearance of the paper and would like to go to full colour on some pages. To do this we have launched a special appeal to raise $10,000 during the month of September.

Content, ideology and politics are not the only differences between The Guardian and the corporate mass media. The likes of Murdoch have billions of dollars behind them, vast resources at their disposal and hundreds of staff to draw on. We are not beholden to corporate advertisers, rather advertising is one of the means by which we give support to the struggles of trade unions, peace, environmental, women’s, community and other political groups. The Guardian is the voice of the working people.

We are producing a special Guardian bookmark for anyone who makes a contribution to the Appeal as a measure of appreciation. Any individual or organisation who contributes $500 or more will receive a free 12 months subscription to The Guardian. This could be a new subscription or an extension of an existing one.

All contributions will be acknowledged unless otherwise requested. We urge you do dig deep. This is your paper, the paper that puts people before profits. Please give us your support.

Tom Pearson

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