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Issue #1736      June 22, 2016

Defeat the Coalition

CPA Statement on the Federal Election

The Communist Party of Australia warns there are several urgent questions for the working class and other exploited people at the forthcoming federal elections. The Communists will be registered for the next elections but, unfortunately, on this occasion the choice for left and progressive voters is limited to political forces lacking in working class ideology.

While the CPA recognises that parliaments have limited control of the political process due to the dominance of transnational corporations, differences on key policy issues make voting in this federal election a particularly important choice for left and progressive Australians. The main question before us is to defeat the Coalition government and conservative forces and to continue the process of breaking the two-party system.

The main policy thrust of the Abbott/Turnbull government on key issues such as industrial relations, including the Australian Building and Construction Commission, the funding of public education, public health, environmental measures, etc is clearly dangerous enough for the CPA to recommend putting the Liberals and Nationals last. The Greens have proven to be better on these questions and those of health, education and industrial relations and deserve our support along with other progressive and left forces.

Because of their position on questions like penalty rates and some other issues concerning industrial relations, the CPA recommends putting the ALP above the various right-wing candidates and the Coalition. Members and supporters should apply the same guidelines when voting in the Senate to secure the balance of power for the Australian Greens and other progressive candidates.

In view of the new voting system in the Senate, members and supporters are urged not to preference the Coalition parties at all. The CPA recommends 1 to 6 above the line with the Greens in number 1 position followed by left and progressive parties and independents.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, the CPA will continue to build working class power and left and progressive unity in action. We will continue to advocate the busting of the two-party system and to fight for our own policies on public health, public education, the environment, land rights, refugee rights, a foreign policy based on cooperation and peaceful relations, and an end to the US military alliance and involvement in imperialist wars.

In sharp contrast to the current crop of pro-capitalist candidates, we will continue to campaign against the hugely wasteful military spending endorsed by the major parties. A 20 percent cut to military spending would restore neglected services and projects in public health care, public education, environmental protection, climate change, Indigenous services and other urgent needs.

The CPA is convinced the main danger for the immediate future is the re-election of a Coalition government and the pursuit of fascist-like legislation directed against the trade unions. Workers relying on penalty rates face extreme challenges when penalty rates are removed.

For these reasons we urge members and supporters to vote for left, progressive and Green candidates, put the ALP next ahead of the various reactionary parties and put the Liberals and Nationals last. In the Senate, do not preference the Coalition at all.

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