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Issue #1737      June 29, 2016

A message from the national president:

Let’s defeat the Abbott/Turnbull government

Put the Liberals last!

The Communist Party of Australia campaigns for Socialism and working class power in Australia. The CPA represents and shares the interests of workers, their families and other exploited social strata in our society.

We understand the limitations of the Parliamentary struggle but believe it is important to put forward working class policies before the Australian electorate.

In the current political environment the choice for workers is limited. The two-party system promotes the idea that workers’ only choice is between the two major parties despite both of them expressing the interests of monopoly capitalism, the banks and the big end of town.

The CPA’s statement, “Defeat the Coalition” (Guardian 22-06-2016), on the upcoming elections is clear about the urgent task of breaking the two-party system. This is a first step in the strengthening of the democratic process aiming at electoral reform allowing smaller parties including the CPA to broaden the choice for workers at electoral ballots. The CPA advocates for more democratic, progressive, trade unionists, independents and communists in Parliament capable of implementing meaningful reforms in the interest of the working class for a new type of government, a People’s Government.

With a strong mass movement this first step can defeat monopoly capitalism and move towards a deep transformation of the Australian society into a Socialist future.

A Socialist government will guarantee jobs for all, universal access to education and health. It will put the main means of production and natural resources in public hands for the benefit of the people. It will also ensure that transnational corporations and big business pay their taxes through a progressive tax system in the benefit of society.

We will equip our Australian Defence Forces with the necessary means to defend our borders pursuing an independent foreign policy. We will not participate in imperialist wars and will end all agreements that allow foreign bases on our soil which are also a significant cost burden for the Australian tax payer. With bipartisan support billions of dollars are being wasted on war preparations, money that could be spent on public education, health and humanitarian aid.

We must stop the privatisation process of our health system and as a first step remove the huge private health insurance rebate. Equally we must stop the draining of resources from public education. Workers’ rights must be upheld and all draconian anti-union legislation repealed. The reintroduction of the ABCC must be defeated.

We recognise the importance of the upcoming election and campaign for the defeat of the Abbott/Turnbull government. On July 2 the CPA recommends preferencing those candidates whose policies can provide some benefits for working people and their families and put the Liberal-National Coalition last in the House of Representatives.

The balance of power in the Senate is of extreme importance regardless of who forms government (see “Put the Coalition last in the Senate”). The CPA recommends voting 1 to 6 above the line with the Australian Greens in number 1 followed by left and progressive parties; do not preference the Liberals and Nationals at all.

In solidarity,

Vinnie Molina
National President, CPA

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