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Issue #1767      March 1, 2017

IDF murder

Only comedians should henceforth use the words Israel and rule of law in the same sentence after the disgusting military court judgement of Abdel Fattah al-Sharif’s killer Elor Azaria. Sergeant Azaria was already guaranteed special treatment by facing a manslaughter charge rather than murder.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that Elor Azaria be pardoned.

If approaching an unarmed incapacitated enemy lying motionless on the ground and shooting him dead does not constitute murder, it is difficult to see what could.

It beggars belief that Sergeant Azaria’s supporters portray such a cold-blooded killing as self-defence.

Yet such is Israel’s current atmosphere, where politicians compete to be more extreme in their anti-Arab racism, rejection of international law and encouragement of feelings of victimhood, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that the soldier be pardoned after initially backing the military decision to charge him.

Ministers in his government are already campaigning for this slap-on-the-wrist sentence to be overturned.

No-one will be amazed to learn in time that his inevitable appeal has been granted or that he has been released into the custody of the army or whatever.

This case – and countless others – confirms for all to see that, in the eyes of the Zionist state and its supporters, Arab lives are inconsequential.

Pro-Zionist commentators erect a false dichotomy in posing politicians’ encouragement of public displays of anti-Arab racism against the military’s supposed ethical attachment.

Their intention is to perpetrate the myth that Israel has the most moral armed forces in the world when, in reality, they are the cutting edge of the Israeli apartheid state.

Previous experience indicates that, but for al-Sharif’s murder being captured on film by a Palestinian human rights activist and released on social media, his killer would have faced no charges.

Palestinian Prisons Minister Issa Karaka’s assessment of the 18-month sentence as a joke and confirmation of Israeli courts’ discrimination against Palestinians is indisputable. Nor is it a recent phenomenon.

The disparity in treatment between Palestinians held indefinitely without trial in Israeli jails and the cosseted treatment of the Jewish terrorist convicted of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin’s murder lays this bare.

After Yigal Amir was jailed, he was allowed conjugal visits, allowing his wife to bear a son, while innocent Palestinians are denied such sensitivities.

Racist mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners, even those not processed through Israel’s prejudiced court system, is justified by calling them terrorists, but who are the real terrorists?

Abdel Fatah al-Sharif was a Palestinian living in Hebron in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. His killer was a member of the armed forces of the occupying power.

International law recognises the right of resistance to military occupation, yet in the Alice Through the Looking Glass world of imperialism and global media power, al-Sharif is demeaned as a terrorist.

The normal response of the zionist occupier to Palestinian acts of resistance is to apply collective punishment by destroying the family home.

No such penalty was imposed on Yigal Amir’s family home, that of Baruch Goldstein who carried out the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs massacre or any other Jewish terrorist.

This punishment is visited exclusively on Palestinians who resist Zionist domination and dispossession.

All Israeli governments are encouraged in their racist apartheid conduct by the behaviour of the international community, especially the US and European Union.

Every refusal to apply sanctions to the Zionist state encourages them to drive Palestinians from the land and extend their illegal colonial settlements.

Governments, including our own, are complicit in Israel’s ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

Morning Star

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