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Issue #1771      March 29, 2017

Millers Point: magnificent record of struggle

Sunday March 19, 2017 has been marked by a march around Millers Point commemorating the dreadful moment in Sydney’s recent history “of all take and no give”. Three years ago the NSW Liberal Minister for Family and Community Affairs Pru Goward stood on a platform overlooking the community and announced that all social housing residents in the Millers Point, Dawes Point, and the Rocks in Sydney were to be evicted and their homes would be sold off to private owners. In a cruel twist Pru Goward has recently been reappointed Social Housing Minister by the new premier.

The CPA branches of Maritime and Port Jackson immediately called this event for what it was; a simple case of social cleansing and swung into campaigning with and for the people of Millers Point. The government using weasel words such as reinvesting the money raised in more social housing as far out of the city as possible. This is clearly a promise not fulfilled; the waiting list for social housing has risen from around 56,000 to 60,000.

The government has not invested more money into social housing. Instead they have let social housing wither and slowly die. This three-year-old decision was called at the time by members of the CPA a ruthless exercise of neo-liberalism.

The rally was well attended despite the threatening weather, members of the community, the MUA, the CFMEU and ETU all had representatives in the rally. It was well attended by politicians representing state, local and federal parties, the usual attendees the ALP and the Greens were there but also the Christian Democrats’ well-known (infamous) Reverend Fred Nile who despite many other issues has been rock solid against the eviction of the poor at Millers Point.

Paul McAleer from the MUA told an enthusiastic crowd that the union will always support the Millers Point people. He said: “This is the third anniversary of this rotten corrupt government going to throw people out of their rightful homes. It is over 100 years since Maritime Workers won the right to live close to the docks and the people here have been here for generations. These workers have made this city thrive and prosper and now the government is throwing them out of their homes.

“Workers and the community have built this area into a national treasure. When have wealthy suburbs like Point Piper or Vaucluse ever been declared national treasures?”

Of the 450 people targeted to be evicted there are nearly three dozen still fighting to retain their homes. They have been targeted by Departmental officials who have cajoled and threatened tenants most of whom are frail and elderly. The tenants have fought back courageously and have been relentless in their determination to demand their right to stay in public housing in Millers Point.

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