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Issue #1775      May 3, 2017

May Day Greetings

The people united will win

The Communist Party of Australia sends greetings of solidarity to the workers of Australia and the world as they celebrate May Day – International Workers’ Day. The occasion this year is overshadowed by extremely worrying events that demand action on the part of the working class at the head of a mighty movement in support of peace with social justice. The immense suffering inflicted on Syria and Yemen, the destabilisation of Venezuela and other progressive governments in Latin America and the threats of a nuclear showdown against the DPRK are to the fore in our consciousness and planning as we observe May Day 2017.

We also face an environmental disaster if we cannot change the policy direction of governments, including that of Australia, which are hell-bent on a monopoly, profits first agenda. As the Guardian pointed out last week, “This May Day the world is on the brink of two irreversible catastrophes – nuclear war and destruction of human life on our planet as a result of human induced climate change. Both catastrophes are being driven by capitalism and its rapacious and blinkered pursuit of profits. In Australia, we can play our part by joining the anti-imperialist movement to end the US alliance, close all foreign bases and adopt and assert Australia’s sovereignty and independence.”

Australian workers are coming under sustained attack on their rights, their incomes and conditions. Their unions are enduring a crippling legal assault to exclude them from the workplace and to bankrupt them. Precarious work is on the rise pointing to a grim future of powerlessness and indignity in the workplace. But we should also celebrate the resistance and the victories being achieved in this battle. The fight-back in the war on workers will be long but the workers and people united in this struggle will win. There is widespread support for the ideas of a return to organisation on the job and defiance of bad laws. These laws, such as the one re-establishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission, must be repealed and the laws restricting legitimate and absolutely necessary trade union activity broken in a united display of working class solidarity.

The CPA supports the call from the ACTU to all workers to join their unions and fight!

Happy May Day!

Bob Briton – CPA General Secretary
Vinnie Molina – CPA National President

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