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Issue #1780      June 7, 2017


Pertinent questions from a reader

Why are young people having to pay more for higher education and now cuts to their penalty rates for weekend work – TO BALANCE THE BUDGET – when government is not interested in collecting a mining tax – a very small tax on mineral production including wholesale exports of coal and gas benefiting overseas investors while Australian taxpayers are also providing infrastructure payments and we are giving tax subsidies for the miners? Why was there no mention of a mining tax in the Budget, and only a tiny tax on the Big Banks introduced as a smokescreen, (and which the BIG 4 banks can easily pass on to their customers?)

Why do we allow the big miners to export $40 billion of coal a year with minimal taxes and subsidise them to export cheap gas overseas while we pay higher prices for gas and oil here at home? Why do we allow big businesses to take all their profits overseas and pay minimal tax in Australia, while young Australians are locked out of higher education and do not have the right to work or own their own house, and are forced to pay for expensive private health insurance – because the government says they don’t have the money for public hospitals or Medicare?

Why is the Medicare levy being raised – TO HELP PAY FOR THE NDIS – when this will increase the TAX burden on PAYE and middle Australia almost exclusively, when Big Business and the wealthy are not paying any tax, and NO Medicare levy is charged to companies or big business? As real wages have been falling for some time, isn’t it fairer to extend the Medicare levy to companies and Big Business (after all, their workers are usually treated in a public hospital or on Medicare when sick or injured), rather than increasing it to poorer Australians who are seeing real wages decline?

Why don’t we simply extend the Medicare levy to Big Business and make sure that the wealthy pay their taxes (including the Medicare Levy) – and stop the overseas tax havens?

Why is the government giving $6.5 billion tax support every year to PRIVATE HEALTH INSURERS, when Medicare is on life support and the waiting list for public patients gets longer and longer because people with PHI are jumping the queue at the public hospitals?

Why are the private health insurers allowed to increase health insurance premiums by 5% or 6% every year, way above inflation, when it is the privatisation of health care that is pushing up health care costs? And why do Australians have to subsidise 30% of those annual premium increases despite the private insurers building up billion dollar surpluses?

Why do we keep giving more and more negative gearing benefits to the wealthy and investors when we’re pricing young people out of the housing market? At a cost of $11 billion a year.

Why are young people forced to pay more for higher education fees and cuts to penalty rates for weekend work etc so that we can pay for the increased military spending of $1 trillion over next 20 years – the US government is demanding we pay 2% of our GDP on military spending as our share of the cost of ANZUS and the rolling US wars? Why is the future of young people being pushed aside in favour of spending on wars?

And why do we agree to this Budget to spend 2% of our GDP on US military junk and support for US wars – when the government says the priority is to balance the budget and for fiscal restraint and fiscal responsibility? Are they saying that money for wars is more important than the future of young people?

Why are we agreeing to support Adani and other overseas conglomerates to rip out $40 billion in dirty coal per year – or $800 billion over 20 years, – when we are going to throw away $1,000 billion over those same 20 years on defence and military spending – which equates to wrecking the planet’s climate to pay for the wars and still being $200 billion short?

Why are the unemployed and welfare recipients being targeted to SAVE MONEY IN THE BUDGET, when they are locked out of the job market – only one job available for every 10 people looking for work. And why are we spending $1 trillion or $50 billion per year for next 20 years if we are strapped for cash? And why make the young and the unemployed pay for it all anyway? Why not the rich or the miners, especially as it is the wealthy and Big Business that creates unemployment so that they have a vast pool of cheap labour at their disposal.

And why is the government infrastructure Grand Projects not going to start for 10 or 20 years – INFRASTRUCTURE ON THE “NEVER- NEVER”.

Why can’t we fast-track the infrastructure projects if they are genuine and really useful – (why do we need to spend 5 to 10 years researching them?) People need jobs now not in 5 to 10 years! Why was there no mining tax in this years Budget and why are the unemployed and welfare recipients being targeted and why are young peoples’ needs and the future of young people bearing the cost of tax cuts for the wealthy and Australia’s agreement to spend 2% GDP on military and war every year!

A mining tax on mineral production and exports from Australia, and stopping off shore tax havens for the wealthy and making the Big end of town including the overseas monopolies pay their fair share of tax, including extending the Medicare levy to Big Businesses, and not following the US into every one of their crazy wars, would mean a fairer Australia – with a future for our young people “with jobs and wealth for toil”.

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