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Issue #1782      June 21, 2017

Those responsible for this crime …

Begin with the Howard government’s introduction of mandatory detention of asylum seekers (a natural extension of John Howard’s crimes against humanity when he committed Australia to the war on Iraq in 2003, an illegal war based on a lie about weapons of mass destruction). To the Labor Party, an enthusiastic practitioner of the policy of mandatory and off-shore detention that amounts to aiding and abetting government-sponsored child abuse and torture; and while in opposition for its role as enabler to said abuse and torture.

To immigration ministers past and present, including current minister Peter Dutton.

Sack Dutton

Peter Dutton must be sacked. His lie aimed at smearing refugees on Manus Island has been exposed. He claimed that refugees had led a five-year-old boy into the detention centre, implying the boy had been sexually assaulted, and that this had sparked the attack where navy officers fired on the centre.

The story has been completely discredited. Dutton has been contradicted by PNG Defence Force chief of staff Raymond Numa and Manus district police chief David Yapu, who has said there was an unrelated incident two weeks earlier where there was no suggestion there had been a sexual assault.

Dutton claims he has facts about the incident but has refused to provide any evidence or release the CCTV footage of the Good Friday event.

Sign the Petition

We demand:

  • Dutton’s sacking as Immigration Minister
  • The release of CCTV footage of the Good Friday incident on Manus Island to prove what really happened
  • That the government close the Manus detention centre, evacuate the refugees and asylum seekers and bring all the refugees and asylum seekers to Australia


Petition endorsed by: Mums 4 Refugees, Teachers for Refugees, Doctors for refugees, Grandmothers against detention of refugee children NSW, Labor for Refugees NSW, National Tertiary Education Union NSW, People Just Like Us, Hunter Asylum Seeker Advocacy.

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