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Issue #1789      August 9, 2017

Themis Speis

On 12 July 2017 we lost our friend and comrade Themis Speis. On behalf of the CPA and the Beloyiannis branch, we honour his life.

Themis came with his family to Australia in 1950, during difficult years in Greece, from Icaria – a place famous for its progressive movement until today. The Speis family brought with them from their birthplace, camaraderie, a love for people, and a commitment to working class values they brought to Australia and the CPA. Themis recognised that the exploitation of people, and the brutality of capitalism that breeds poverty, war and injustice doesn’t change, unless overthrown by a socialist society.

Themis was a member of the Party from 1972 and an elected member to the Congress, he contributed to the Greek community in Australia significantly through ATLAS and the Greek Orthodox Community, and supported Greeks in Greece in their struggle against the military junta, and the fight against institutionalised extremism.

Those who knew Themis are lucky to have met him, and even luckier are those he called friends. He was a kind, generous, honest and gentle soul. Always with a smile, he loved good company, music, reading, travel, fishing, hunting, and red wine. He loved his family and adored his nieces and nephew.

During times of ideological differences and divisions, he remained true to his principles for the common good, and maintained his friendships with people of varying beliefs. Themis never made enemies, only friends.

Comrade Themis, we will never forget you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We will continue our common struggle for a better world. Your life will be a moral compass for us all.

In Themis’ memory the following comrades and friends have made contributions to the Beloyiannis branch of the CPA:

Speis family $50
Sarelas family $50
Maliaras family $50
Mavrandonis family $50
Vouros family $50
Petros Tzamouranis $50
Zisis Tsasis $50
Nikos Papanikitas $50
Evangelatos family $20
Stelios Filferis $20

See A free man for Themis’ story.

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