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Issue #1789      August 9, 2017

Solidarity groups stand up for Venezuela

On Saturday July 29 outside Sydney Town Hall a rally organised by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network heard from unions and solidarity groups about the shocking pressure that the present government of Venezuela was withstanding: the Constitutional Government of President Nicolás Maduro who is continuing the Bolivian Revolution started by Hugo Chávez. This revolution aimed to restore the ordinary people’s resources robbed from them by neo-liberalism of former governments.

The Maritime Branch of the Communist Party of Australia issued the following release on the occasion of this rally.

“We support the Constitutional Government of President Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution swept aside the forces of neo-liberalism which had brought nothing but massive misery for the poor, the ordinary workers and massive inequality. In doing so Venezuela, its people, and its government earned the enmity of US imperialism and elite sections of the Venezuelan society that benefited from US exploitation.

“These forces are organising disruption and disturbances. Gangs of thugs who are presented in our media as heroes are nothing more than paid criminals and vandals. Massive propaganda using their media monopoly is being used to project a false picture of the Government of the Venezuela. The scenario they present is completely false. Maduro is the democrat while his opponents are hoping for a return to dictatorship. The Maritime Branch of the Communist Party recognises these people for what they are – nothing but agents of US imperialism, neo-liberalism and the oppression of the ordinary people.

“We have no trouble in knowing where our loyalty lies – it is with the Venezuelan people, President Nicolás Maduro, and the patriotic, progressive and revolutionary forces.”

The MUA and CFMEU also issued similar statements condemning the actions of those who are seeking to undermine the present legitimate Government of Venezuela. These unions were well represented at the rally at the Town Hall. They also put the resolutions to the ALP State Conference but the ALP conference rejected the motion on technical grounds. A prominent member of the MUA noted: “They can find room for right winger Richo (former Senator Graham Richardson) but they can’t find room to stand up for democracy.”

The rally was timed to support the Venezuelan people as they voted in Saturday’s elections. True to form many countries such as the US and other western powers have condemned the elections as undemocratic and are urging the people to revolt against the results of the recent election.

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