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Issue #1799      October 18, 2017


Get the “Korea Crisis” straight

The “Korean Crisis” has been manufactured by the United States which has engaged in provocations against the DPRK (North Korea) for decades (ever since the end of WW2, in fact). It almost destroyed the country in the Korean War, part of the USA’s attempt to “roll back Communism” in the 1950s, and has subjected North Korea to a diplomatic and economic blockade ever since.

Every year the US conducts huge military exercises in South Korea blatantly rehearsing the invasion and destruction of the North. In the face of this clear threat, it is not surprising that the leadership of the DPRK has sought some security by developing its own nuclear weapons and the missiles with which to deliver them. The US has responded with a disinformation campaign that claims the DPRK is a “rogue state”, that its leaders are deranged and that it threatens an unprovoked attack on the US.

In fact, all the DPRK has done is to warn the US that if it is attacked it will defend itself, something every country has the right to do. If the US were to attack the DPRK it would do so from its huge military base on Guam, so the DPRK has made the US aware that its missiles can now reach as far as Guam. This has of course been seized on as “evidence” of the DPRK’s “plans for aggression”.

The present disinformation campaign regarding the DPRK is a lie: the threat of war in the region comes not from the DPRK but from the US. In other words, one side is to blame: If the US stopped threatening the nuclear destruction of North Korea, as President Trump did at the UN, the DPRK leadership would cease “threatening” to defend itself with nuclear-armed missiles. We demand that the US stop aggravating tension in the region by threatening to destroy the DPRK, and by holding war games rehearsing that destruction. We also demand that the Australian government stop encouraging the US to pursue an aggressive line as Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has done and continues to do.

As for the ALP’s position, the current Labor policy of marching in lock step with the Turnbull government on military matters is causing Australia to be implicated in a possible war on the Korean peninsula with disastrous impacts on the Australia people. The effects on Korea would be even more catastrophic yet the ALP sits on its hands and says nothing even as the US President goes to the UN and threatens the total destruction of another UN member.

It was the ALP that took Australia out of the Vietnam War. It is now time for the ALP to once again show leadership and put pressure on the Trump administration to abandon its aggressive rhetoric and threats of catastrophic destruction and instead join other nations in our region in supporting policies of negotiation, co-operation and peace.

US troops have occupied south Korea since 1945; 28,500 are still there. There are 38 US military installations in South Korea, plus one militarized golf course. The golf course is the station for the first Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery in South Korea, a US radar system opposed by the Korean people, in the north and south, as well as China.

Every year, the US carries out massive war exercises in and around the Korean peninsula. This year’s war exercises around the Korean Peninsula, Operation Key Resolve/Foal Eagle, which began in March and continued until April 24, involved hundreds of thousands of troops from the US and South Korea.

It is a fact of history that documents captured in the Korean War revealed the US planned an attack on North Korea in 1950. The attack was carried out using American and South Korean forces with the assistance of Japanese Army officers who had invaded and occupied Korea decades before. The North Korean defence and counter-attack was then claimed by the US to be “aggression” which the United States manipulated in the media to get the UN to support a “police operation”, the euphemism they chose to use to carry on what was in fact their war of aggression against North Korea. Three years of war and 3.5 million Korean deaths followed and the US has threatened them with imminent war and annihilation ever since.

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