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Issue #1806      December 13, 2017

Greetings from Fraternal Parties

The13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) had received greetings from more than 40 communist and workers’ parties from around the world. Below are extracts from a few of those greetings:

Communist Party of Venezuela

The PCV values as highly significant the contributions that the Communist Party of Australia has given to the class struggle against our common enemy, capitalism, today in its superior imperialist phase. We accompany you in your efforts to advance globally towards the conquest of socialism-communism.

We are sure that this congressional process will continue to strengthen political and organisational unity of the Communist Party of Australia and the revolutionary and progressive forces, face the new challenges posed by the current geopolitical scenario in the context of the multifaceted offensive that developed capitalism in the world.

The PCV is grateful for the consistent solidarity that the CPA has always shown with the struggle of the Communist Party of Venezuela and the Venezuelan people. At the same time, we reaffirm our commitment to continue consolidating the ties of unity and joint work of our organisations, within the framework of proletarian internationalism.

Communist Party of Britain

Your party, like ours, faces a harshly neo-liberal government intent on dismantling welfare provision, attacking trade union rights and forcing the costs of capitalist crisis on to working people. Like us, you also face a government using right-wing and racist ideology to maintain its political base.

In face of these attacks your response, again like ours, is to stress the importance of mass work, of intervening wherever people are most exposed to attacks on their living standards and dignity and to do so to win wider unity, an understanding of the need for class solidarity and ultimately socialism.

Progressive Party of the Working People (AKEL)

The main slogan of your Congress “Taking the Party to the People” is by itself indicative of the CPA’s emphasis on mass work, activism and campaigning with the people, on developing unity in action and forging a broad coalition of forces capable of challenging big business and the establishment.

We believe that the communist and left movement has a decisive role to play particularly today in mobilising the broadest masses of people and to chart a way out of the neo-liberal capitalist deadlocks and militarisation of international relations.

The Cypriot people have been struggling to liberate Cyprus and our people from the Turkish occupation and the attempts to consolidate partition, for the reunification of our country and people under a bizonal, bicommunal federation and to turn Cyprus into a bridge of peace and friendship and not into an aggressive launching pad against the peoples of the region. We are sure we can count on your own principled international solidarity with our people’s struggle.

We take the opportunity to thank you for the consistent solidarity with the struggle of the Cypriot people and AKEL.

Communist Party of Canada

Your convention has the vital task of determining the way forward to break the stranglehold of monopoly and imperialism on the working people of Australia, at a time when US imperialism is threatening war and invasion in Venezuela, DPRK, Syria, Afghanistan, threatening the government and people of Cuba with “regime change”, and assisting internal reaction to overthrow progressive governments in countries all over Latin America, and beyond.

The threat of global nuclear or conventional war – started deliberately or by mistake – is urgent, with reactionary, militarist and fascist forces guiding foreign policy in the US White House. Similarly the US decision to withdraw from global environmental agreements aimed to stop and reverse climate change, and to declare climate change “a hoax”, threatens further catastrophic climate change. Building a mass global movement for peace, nuclear disarmament, and environmental justice is more urgent today than at any time in the last 50 years, we believe.

In Canada, we are working hard to build up the Canadian Peace Congress, affiliate of the World Peace Council, which we see as crucial to awaken and mobilise the broad peace movement and the public into action.

Alternate Revolutionary Common Force – FARC

As revolutionaries, as communists we continue to have the unstoppable task of structural social change in opposition to the great voracious capital that destroys the environment, which destroys life as it feeds off war and casts more and more misery into a contingent of already impoverished people.

We need to continue gathering rebellions, strengthening ourselves in proletarian internationalism, finding ourselves in solidarity that takes us away from the harshness of everyday life and brings us closer to tenderness, through acts of love for the people. May hard times be just to temper our convictions.

The FARC, as a revolutionary party, yesterday raised in arms and today again in political legality after the signing of the peace agreement with the Colombian government of Juan Manuel Santos, we recognise in you our natural allies, we reiterate our gratitude for your gestures and solidarity and political actions towards our organisation in the recent past, during the peace process and now as a new political party.

Communist Party of Chile

To the Chilean communists, the slogan that will preside over your Congress that calls “Take the Party to the people” seems of the utmost importance. This slogan faithfully portrays the struggle of communists around the world in the sense of not being a party between four walls, but on the contrary, a mass party that fights and develops among the people, among the people, among the workers.

Consequently, we salute the decision of the Australian Communists to turn their work – with even more force – towards the masses in the struggle against the increasingly anti-popular measures of the government of Malcolm Turnbull, a faithful reproducer of the ultra neo-liberal and warlike policies of Donald Trump.

From Chile, and in the midst of the second round of the presidential election, in the struggle to get our country to continue deepening the great reforms initiated in the government of President Michelle Bachelet, we reiterate our greetings to the Communist Party of Australia and its 13th National Congress with the best wishes for political and ideological strength.

Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

In Australia, in Greece, in all the countries, the bourgeois governments serve the interests, the profitability and competitiveness of capital, independently of the type of administration they implement, neo-liberal or social-democrat; they intensify the exploitation of the working class, abolish working class’ and people’s rights.

The experience from the destructive work and the lies that the SYRIZA party has carried out in Greece and the cruel anti-people policy of the SYRIZA-ANEL government serves as a typical example of the role of social-democracy in the service of big capital and the imperialist unions, and confirms the need for communists to maintain a principled position, of continual confrontation with the political representatives of the capital, whoever they are.

It has been demonstrated in practice that it is capitalist barbarism that makes the working class and the popular forces suffer all around the planet; creates exploitation, wars, and presents serious duties for the Communist Parties, for the reinforcement of the class struggle, the strengthening of internationalist solidarity.

This year we honour the 100 year-anniversary of the world-climactic event of the Great October Revolution and we believe that this year and the next ones can be used in favour of the defence of historical truth, of the achievements of socialism and of the invaluable contribution of the USSR to the people’s struggle around the world.

The teachings of the Socialist Revolution of October comprise a solid foundation from which we can draw valuable conclusions on the strengthening of the struggle of the Communists, of the working class movement, for the defence and projection of the scientific positions of Marxism-Leninism, opposed to bourgeois ideology and opportunism, in order to strengthen the anti-monopoly, anti-capitalist struggle for the overthrow of capitalist exploitation, for socialism that is both necessary and timely.

Communist Party USA

We follow your party’s affairs closely and have read some of the very interesting materials you have prepared for your Convention.

We note with great interest the attention you are paying to the disgraceful treatment which the Australian government continues to mete out to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Alienation of land, broken promises and shoddy treatment overall reminds us very strongly of the similar manner in which the US ruling class treats our own Indigenous population. Racism plays a major part in both countries.

Under the current President, Donald Trump, many of the worst practices of the past are being revived or intensified. Recently, Trump’s administration announced the imminent privatisation of vast areas, especially in the Western United States, that are considered sacred to numerous Indigenous US tribes, and which the environmentalist movement is also trying to protect from the depredations of the mining, stock raising and other powerful industries.

The Trump administration, closely connected to the extractive industries that also bedevil Australia, has protected oil and mining interests who are directly colliding with the aspirations of our indigenous populations, as for instance in the recent confrontation in North Dakota.

On the question of the rights of migrants, also, we see an unfortunate parallel with what is going on in our country also. The Trump administration has created a campaign of slander and hatred against non-European immigrants here, and is cracking down on working class families with shocking force and cruelty.

Finally, the intensifying imperialist threats to world peace in the current situation in the Asia-Pacific region make us very happy that Australia has such a strong and active Communist Party!

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