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Issue #1852      December 12, 2018

Voices from the student protests

Phot: communist Youth.

CPA Youth NSW speak out

Being a high school student, responding to the call and participating in such a large event felt like an obligation. As a student, someone young and deciding what I want my future to be, I feel as though the future of our planet is something we must strive to preserve.

ScoMo’s jab at youth, suggesting that students should be in classrooms learning, and that those who protest are the ones who won’t succeed in life is in fact a major encouragement to participate in the protest.

It’s simply not just to tell the people who will have to live in the world after you’ve passed away with your pockets full of cash that we can’t be active in protecting our future.

It’s even more of a gross mockery that Morrison would tell us to hush on such a subject as opposition to the development of a new coal mine, which would serve no positive purpose, but undoubtedly ring dollar signs in a many politicians’ eyes. We shouldn’t allow reactionary politicians’ rhetoric to stop us from speaking out for our future.

Being at the event with fellow comrades, we experienced a somewhat disorganised gathering. Although the mass presence itself was impressive, there was a significant presence of private school children and people passing who held obvious distaste or lack of knowledge of Communism or our Party.

Speakers out the front were drowned out by people’s chants in the back. A theme was people protesting climate change debating those protesting the system which creates it.

Some progressive and interesting conversations were had, and we were approached by a couple of journalists who wanted our take on the situation. The hour and a half did feel as though it had an impact, and this was discussed as we headed back to CPA HQ.

Now is the time for action

Capitalism is killing our planet. The climate crisis has the potential to wipe out human civilisation on earth and will result in millions of deaths related to increased weather extremes (cyclones, floods, heatwaves, bushfires, droughts etc.).

Should the average global temperature increase surpass 2 degrees Centigrade the consequences will be devastating for human life. We are on track for 3 degrees of warming by the end of the century.

Climate change needs to be stopped. But what has it got to do with capitalism? Whatever credit or criticism one can attribute to capitalism it is an undeniable fact that so far the market has proven a failure in solving this crisis.

A brief look at the history of capitalism and climate change will show that markets have, if anything, worked against any solution to climate change. We knew about the potential impacts of climate change and how we could prevent them and yet with the increase of market dominance across the world and the “liberalisation” of world economies governments and capitalists have effectively done nothing.

Instead we are treated to the “profit-over-people” mentality of the capitalists of today. One hundred companies are directly responsible for 71 percent of global emissions. Fossil fuel companies fund deliberate misinformation campaigns and manipulate our media. The US Army which protects their interests in global conflicts is the single biggest polluter in the world. And all of this in the pursuit of profit.

It is now, more than ever, clear that the egotistical and heartless actions of these fossil-fuel capitalists are driving us to extinction.

Precious years have been wasted in stopping this crisis and it is we, the youth of the world, who will inherit this catastrophe. Our futures are being burned in the coal-fired power plants and oil-guzzling machines for dollars which we do not see.

And now is the time for action. We know our enemy. They are the profit-driven oligarchs, those who manipulate us, exploit us and attempt to control us. But the people are waking to this reality and demonstrations such as the student walkout are begging to showcase the people’s distain for the callous nature of our ruling class.

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