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Issue #1860      March 13, 2019

Telstra jobs apocalypse

Telstra is sacking 752 workers around the country, as the telco continues with its plans to slash more than a quarter of the company’s workforce.

The Community and Public Sector Union was notified of the cuts across every state and territory, though Telstra says the cuts will be partially offset by the creation of 347 new roles. It is the second mass sacking since Telstra announced in June last year that it would be axing 9,500 workers. More than 1,100 jobs were cut in August.

CPSU deputy national president Brooke Muscat-Bentley said: “This is disturbing news for Telstra workers and customers alike.”

Telstra is pushing on with its self-destructive and short-sighted plan to slash a quarter of its workforce, ignoring the harm that will cause to staff and Telstra services.

“Each and every one of these 752 people makes a valuable contribution to Telstra. The impact from a mass sacking on this scale won’t just hit these workers and their families. It will be felt throughout the entire organisation.”

The union believes the cuts are just the start for the “jobs apocalypse” planned by Telstra management and notes that sacking one in four workers is not going to help with faltering customer satisfaction in Telstra’s services.

“Telstra isn’t treating those workers who will remain any better, with the telco continuing to stand in the way of union efforts to negotiate a fair and decent enterprise agreement,” said Muscat-Bentley. “Of particular concern is Telstra’s continuing refusal to agree to provide a dignified redundancy process, and that the company is still pushing what’s an effective wage cut on staff.”

The only way for Telstra to halt its decline is for the company to recognise that its workforce is the company’s best asset. The union says industrial action is a possibility as they explore ways to make Telstra management “see sense”.

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