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Issue #1868      May 15, 2019

The revolution in Venezuela will stand firm!

A bunch of lies was recently spread by the mass media about a coup d’Etat carried out by members of the Bolivarian Armed Forces early on April 30. It was claimed that the military base La Carlota was taken but really a small group staged an attack on the airbase which was in fact the break out of a representative of the opposition – Leopoldo Lopez – who was in custody.

News outlets such as CNN, The New York Times and others presented the news as a huge rebellion and that a number of troops were backing Juan Guaido on his call to take up arms against President Nicolas Maduro.

The truth was that some 20 low rank soldiers deserted and later sought asylum in the Brazilian Embassy. It was also reported that opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and his wife had sought asylum in the Spanish Embassy. 

All calls that have been made and all attempts to overthrow the legitimate presidency of Nicolas Maduro have failed. The Guaido forces are working for the United States seeking to destroy the Bolivarian revolution by any means including the military option.

Of serious concern was the reported declaration by US South Command Chief Craig Fuller who pledged support to Juan Guaido – including military support – at any time required saying “we are ready to help overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and reinstate order in Venezuela”.

It is obvious that the US hasn’t learnt anything, as the Civico Militar Alliance in Venezuela backs President Maduro and will not betray the Bolivarian revolution.

There is no crisis in Venezuela, what is affecting the people is the inhumane economic and financial blockade imposed by the United States.

The blockade has implications for all spheres of the economy. It affects the health system, transport, food and other essentials.

However, Venezuela is not alone. Millions of people around the world mobilise every day in solidarity with President Maduro and the Bolivarian revolution. In Washington for example, the solidarity movement is protecting the Venezuelan Embassy which is being attacked by Guaido supporters. Even water and electricity cuts orchestrated by the US administration in breach of the Vienna Convention has not halted the protection of the diplomatic mission.

All communist, left, democratic and progressive forces must unite in solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution. The Australian government must also assert its independence and withdraw its recognition of Juan Guaido. Nicolas Maduro is the legitimate President leading the government elected by the Venezuelan people on May 20, 2018.

All out in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, Respect to self-determination.

The Bolivarian revolution will prevail and succeed!

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