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Issue #1875      July 3, 2019

Extinction Rebellion

Rally in Perth, WA – June 22

On a cool wet day, the international climate action group, Extinction Rebellion, held their inaugural rally at Forrest Place in the centre of Perth. Over 150 people participated in the action which included a number of speakers but also an action to allow people to express their solidarity and commitment to climate action.

Murray Street Mall where people staged a “Die-In”.

Uncle Ben Taylor, an Aboriginal Noongar elder, gave a welcome to country and also spoke about how the changes to climate were affecting the land of which his people had been the custodians for over 65,000 years.

Today he sees the conditions of the land, waterways, and the air deteriorate in a rapidly escalating manner. Nature is more important than economics: without nature there can’t be an economy. The Collie coal miners support Extinction Rebellion, recognising the need for a just transition to a sustainable future.

Ezra and Pia from School Strike for Climate addressed the rally to note that climate change affects everyone as we are all dependant on a healthy and liveable climate in this world. The School Strike for Climate called for 100 percent renewables by 2030 and a just transition not only for humans but the whole world.

The world is facing an existential threat through accelerating climate change caused largely by the emitting of large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

The rally then went to the Murray Street Mall where people staged a “Die-In” by laying on the ground and blocking the mall for 30 minutes as a speaker continued to press the point for climate action. “The Australian government should declare a climate emergency: it is reckless to continue to conduct our government and economy as if there wasn’t one”, added one speaker. Extinction Rebellion called on the government to legislate for Net Zero Carbon by 2025 and, as our democracy had been corrupted by the influence of vested interests, a citizens’ assembly was called for to undertake the action on climate in the face of the current and past governments’ climate denial.

In regard to biodiversity, there had been mass extinctions of insects in a number of countries around the world including in Europe, US and China.

Australia, in the last ten years, has witnessed the ravages of fire and flood as an unpredictable climate has seen the land and bush dry out and burn more easily, and weather systems become stronger and more unpredictable causing stronger storms and more intense flooding.

Increased temperatures have been causal factors in the unprecedented fish deaths in the last summer in a number of eastern states rivers. Australia was founded on the colonisation of its first people and the exploitation, industrialisation, and commercialisation of the natural world.

Extinction Rebellion said it was the duty of all citizens to act to save the planet in the interests of our children and the natural world. The Rebellion called on those people who believe in life and love to rise up and demand change to save life on Earth.

The Communist Party of Australia supports the call for change to the capitalist mode of production which seeks to exploit nature with little or no concern for the consequences on climate and the biodiversity on this planet. The CPA recognises a collective response is needed and this can in part be achieved through socialism – production to meet human need.

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