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Issue #1876      July 10, 2019

Stand with the people of Sudan

June 29 was a cool wet afternoon but one hundred people gathered in Forrest Place in the centre of Perth to protest the ongoing military rule in Sudan which is responsible for ongoing human rights violations, corruption and the economic ruin of the of the country.

The first speaker was the president of the United Sudanese Youth of WA, Israa, who said that following the ouster of General Omar Al Bashir on April 11, the people of Sudan believed the Transitional Military Council (TMC) would act quickly to bring about a civilian government.

Their hopes were dashed when on June 3 the armed forces opened fire on unarmed civilians, men women and children, protesting outside the army headquarters in Khartoum, who had gathered to protest the slow pace of reform. Official medical reports have confirmed the bodies of 60 people but families of those protesting who suffered loss of life, say there are many people who are not accounted for – and in some cases the bodies were thrown into the Nile River which flows through Khartoum.

Israa added, that since June 3, the military has also blocked the internet with the aim of preventing the Sudanese people inside the country from finding out about the atrocities committed by the military forces in Sudan.

However, people have used conventional phone lines to spread details to the diaspora of the June 3 atrocities.

The second speaker was Ahmed, also of the United Sudanese Youth of WA, who said the health, education and economic situation had deteriorated in the country since the failure of the TMC to bring about a return to civilian rule.

The resistance in the country also blamed the leader of the Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF) Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo also known as Hemeti, for the atrocities and see Hemeti, who is also the deputy leader of the TMC, as being the key player in Sudan today, while General Brohan is widely seen as just a figurehead; Hemeti previously had command of the Janjaweed – the militia responsible for committing the atrocities on June 3 and earlier this year.

These atrocities include the rape and killing of women and children as young as six. Ahmed also called for the RDF to be declared a terrorist organisation to help facilitate international efforts to halt funding of the group.

Chris Jenkins from the Socialist Alliance addressed the rally to say the world needed to stop selling arms to the Sudan military over its role in killing its own people.

Jenkins also called on the Australian government to refuse recognition of the TMC for its role in repressing democracy in Sudan and for the Australian government not to enter into the global arms market.

Nidal, a Nuba and South Sudan member of the United Sudanese Youth of WA declared, “We cannot be silent about these issues – as it is not the bullets which kill people but the silence of those who do not stand up to the oppressor.”

ALP Senator for WA, Sue Lines, also addressed the rally and on behalf of the Sudanese constituents in her community. She said diplomatic efforts were required to help speed up the end of the dictatorship and a return to civilian rule.

The rally then marched through the Murray and Hay Street Malls to take their message of freedom, peace and justice for Sudan to the people of Perth.

The Communist Party of Australia joins in calls for the Australian government to denounce the Transitional Military Council for its failure to implement civilian rule and not to engage or facilitate arms sales to regimes which use the arms to oppress their civilian populations. The CPA also recognises and supports the progressive role played by the Sudanese Communist Party to bring about revolutionary change and justice for Sudan.

Author, Richard Titelius at the rally.

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