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Issue #1876      July 10, 2019

NO to war – work for peace!

Statement Tudeh (Communist) Party af Iran

Iran is on the verge of a very dangerous military conflict with the US Trump administration. Following the shooting down of a US surveillance drone on June 19 – a drone that according to published reports had entered Iran’s air space ... an attack by US military forces against Iran was reportedly called off at the last minute on Trump’s orders. Confirming this information, Trump emphasised ... “I am not looking for war and if there is, it will be obliteration like you’ve never seen before.” ...

Escalation of tensions following the attacks on oil tankers in Persian Gulf and media accusations that Iran perpetrated the attack, as well as the stance ... of the Islamic States against Iran, leaves no doubt that regional reaction, led by Saudi Arabia’s medieval regime and Israel’s racist government, along with influential individuals in charge of formulating the Trump administration foreign policy (e.g. Mike Pompeo and John Bolton) are preparing to impose a dangerous military conflict on our country and the wider region.

Trump claimed his goal is to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons; that he is willing to talk to Iran’s leaders. ... It is worth noting it was the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] (despite opposition of the other signatories of this agreement – the EU states, Russia and China) and imposition of the harshest economic sanctions on Iran to date in order to advance regime change, that laid the ground for the current precarious situation in the region.

The Tudeh Party of Iran warns of the grave danger threatening peace in the Persian Gulf region. Regional disputes must be resolved solely by reduction in tensions, détente and negotiations.

Clearly, inhumane economic sanctions imposed by US imperialism create great difficulty in our country for millions of Iranians and pose serious challenges to economic viability of the Islamic regime. The EU’s inability to create a functional instrument to circumvent US economic sanctions on Iran and Iran’s inability to sell its oil – exports have fallen from 2.8 million b/day to 700,000 b/day – has exacerbated the current economic hardships that result from the regime’s decades-long pursuit of neoliberal policies in favour of the interests of its capital in Iran.

The current situation is unsustainable for long and the Iranian regime’s leaders, knowing this grim situation cannot be drawn out, are counter threatening US and Europe that they will fully withdraw from JCPOA, accelerate uranium enrichment and further inflame tensions in the region.

Such threats as “If Iran cannot export oil, naturally it will not just sit and watch while others continue to do so ... others will not be able to either ...” not only fail to reduce tension in the region, but also give the USA and reactionary regional states a pretext to pursue their objectives and intensify imperialist military interventions. In recent days, USA and its allies are mulling over dispatching more troops to the region to protect oil pipelines in the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf. Such interventions certainly raise tensions and could lead to sparks that ignite the region.

No progressive nationalist, patriotic and freedom-loving force can support resumption of current tensions nor be in favour of a military strike on Iran. History shows working people, urban and rural, would be first and greatest victims of any war and military conflict. Continued tensions and development of “wartime conditions” inside Iran also present the ideal opportunity for the regime to intensify suppression and tyranny [as it did during the devastating War with Iraq].

The Tudeh Party of Iran strongly opposes imperialist states and regional reactionary forces interfering in Iran to orchestrate “regime change”. The United States, not Iran, is the destabilising influence In the Middle East!

If Australia is a true friend of the United States, not just its lackey, then Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, would advise the Trump administration that USA’s provocation against Iran and its long term aim to force regime change in yet another nation is unacceptable and will only lead to disaster.

President Trump claims his goal is to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons, but it is his administration that walked out of an international agreement the United States and Iran had signed (along with Russia, China, Germany, France and Britain), even though Iran was keeping its side of the bargain, accepting tough limits on its nuclear programs and regular international inspections.

It is the Trump administration that has unilaterally re-imposed illegal sanctions on Iran that have, most of all, hurt the Iranian people, through scarcity, unemployment and inflation, as the US tries to strangle the Iranian economy and bring the Iranian government to its knees.

The future of Iran and its political system is a matter for the Iranian people themselves to resolve, not the United States, its “allies’, or its proxies. The US politics of confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran is in contravention of the UN Charter.

It also works against the Iranian people’s own struggle for a better life and achievement of fundamental, sustainable and democratic change, which will come about through popular revolution, not war.

What is more, a US-led war against Iran will not be easily contained. A war, once started, could easily engulf the Middle East, as well as embroil nuclear-armed China and Russia, both allies and protectors of Iranian sovereignty and major trading partners. The disruption of oil production and supply as a result of war could trigger a major global economic collapse and another Great Depression.

In Australia, both the Morrison government and Labor opposition hold Iran responsible for destabilising the region and threatening peace; they both support existing and further sanctions; and both parties have willingly taken part in USA’s military adventures around the world.

We need to break with US imperialism! We need to seek peace, progress and prosperity as a free, sovereign nation within a sustainable, just and equitable global community, not a world of war, oppression and corruption, as well as implement policies that bring about social justice. It is possible only through the struggle of the people of Iran and the nation’s freedom-loving and patriotic forces.

Events in Iran’s contemporary history, including the US-backed 1953 coup, as well as other developments in the region – from the ousting of the nationalist Nasser government in Egypt to the military – political support for the corrupt, anti-people, and inhumane regime of Saudi Arabia as USA’s closest ally – all show imperialism’s typical favourite regimes are dictatorial, dependent regimes that have nothing to do at all with the wishes and demands of the people of Iran and the patriotic and freedom-loving forces of the nation.

The struggle to reduce tensions and mobilise a strong movement in support of peace in the region and globally, so as to prevent any and all dangerous military conflicts, is an immediate task that must be pursued with full resolve.

Central Committee Tudeh (Communist) Party of Iran

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