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Issue #1876      July 10, 2019

The CPA has endorsed the following resolutions

No Sanctions – No War

Joint statement of the Communist and Workers Parties on the Heightening of Tensions and dangers of US War on Iran.

The undersigned Communist and Workers parties express their grave concern about the recent developments in the Persian Gulf which pose significant threats to world peace.

The pronouncements of the US administration clearly indicate that it intends to deploy every tool at its disposal to coerce the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) to submit to its hegemonic designs in the region.

They recall the decision of the Trump administration in May 2018 – in complete contravention of world public opinion – to take the USA out of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) agreement with Iran [see story page 7]. This decision, taken despite global appeals, including by the UN, has significantly increased tension in the region and has raised the threat of a new devastating war in the Middle East.

They have been concerned about the imposition of economic, banking and monetary sanctions on Iran, which has undermined its economy and resulted in the widespread closure of factories, economic freefall and an increase in unemployment and poverty.

The Communist and Workers parties strongly condemn the US administration and its hawkish representatives such as Mike Pompeo and John Bolton for initiating the rising tension and threats of military action on Iran, as well as the use of economic sanctions as a means of starving the people of Iran into submission.

They further believe that these actions are having a disastrous impact upon the continuing struggle of the Iranian people for peace, sovereignty and social justice, as well as for human and democratic rights.

The aim of US policy regarding Iran is to secure the undisputed domination of US imperialism and its allies in the region. The actions and policies of the US administration on Iran have been and continue to be coordinated with those of the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

They are concerned that if the current escalation of aggression by the US and its allies in the Middle East is not curtailed and reversed, the potential for a new and disastrous war, with unpredictable consequences for peace and stability in the region and globally, is real and enormous.

The peace-loving forces of the world must work in unison to promote détente and denounce foreign intervention in Iran’s domestic affairs.

The future of Iran and its political system is a matter that should be determined by the Iranian people and them alone. The Communist and Workers parties, together with all progressive forces in Iran, reject foreign intervention in their country under any pretext.

They call on all forces campaigning for peace and disarmament globally to condemn the US administration and its Saudi and Israeli allies’ politics of confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in contravention of the UN Charter.

We say – No to Sanctions and No to War on Iran.

Joint Statement in solidarity with Syria

For the past eight years, the people of Syria have defended their motherland, decisively and heroically. They have manifested a remarkable and honourable resistance which has not ceased for one moment in these years, despite the suffering they have been dragged into. It has already had its place in the great history of humanity.

We Communist and Workers’ parties denounce in the strongest way possible the imperialist intervention of US and its allies, that has created one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century. We have no doubt that those who have forced people to live this tragedy for the interests of the big capital – for the profit of the exploiters – will be condemned before history for with their outrageous barbaric crimes. We have no doubt that the enemies of the people will be forced to get their dirty, bloody hands out of Syria.

We express our deep and unconditional solidarity with the working people of Syria, and their vanguard communist parties. In support with Syrian people, we appeal for a solidarity mission in Damascus.

We demand the end of imperialist aggression and we fully respect the independence, full sovereignty and the integrity of the national territory of Syria. We emphasise once again that the decision regarding the future of Syria belongs only to peoples of Syria.

Hands off Syria!

Long live internationalist solidarity!

Statement of Solidarity with the people of Sudan and the Sudanese Communist Party

In Solidarity

As Communist and Workers’ parties, we express our support and our solidarity towards the struggle of the Sudanese people against the military junta regime for democratic and social rights (see story page 3).

We condemn the murderous repressive reprisal of the regime against the massive peaceful demonstrations sweeping the country, killing dozens of protesters, wounding hundreds of others.

The junta of Sudan, which is supported by the imperialist organisations of the World Bank and the IMF, as well as from various capitalist countries internationally and in the region, has led the vast majority of the population to live a life of misery, hunger and poverty. At the same time, it continues to support the invasion of Yemen by Saudi Arabia with military troops.

Our parties condemn these anti-people choices of the junta as well as the violence that it has unleashed against the working class and popular strata of the country; we express the solidarity of communists towards the people of Sudan and the Sudanese Communist Party.

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