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Issue #1881      August 14, 2019

Unite against the main enemy

Friendly fire can be more dangerous than open confrontation. You only need to look at wars to see the number of casualties due to friendly fire. In the class war, identifying the class enemy is a matter for all revolutionaries. Being able to assess the grey areas is also important. Looking at where work and activity are directed and the results of that work can be a good starting point. Has the work raised the awareness of the working class, has it unified them towards a better position?

Importantly though in our activity is the principle of democratic centralism. Internal democracy and a centralised leadership guaranties unity in action. The term is often repeated but the understanding can differ from one individual to another. Our constitution states that “Proper observance of the principles of democratic centralism promotes the activity and initiative of members and unites the Party in which factional and splitting activities are impermissible”.

The practice of criticism and self-criticism is also used in communist parties to test our decisions and methods of work. These should always be aimed at strengthening the unity of the Party and work in the struggle towards building a socialist society. It is a responsibility of every member to constructively criticise any shortcomings in Party work but equally essential to be self-critical.

This can be hard to achieve and often it is easier to see others’ errors and mistakes. The more active an individual or party organisation becomes the more open they are for criticism. It is of course, easier to be passive, do nothing and not to expose yourself to the risk of criticism but this will do nothing to further the interests of our class. Social change requires lots or activity, lots of volunteer work and sacrifices sometimes at the expense of family and our own desires.

We state, again in our constitution, that “The Communist Party of Australia is a political organisation established for the purpose of changing the order of society in Australia from capitalism to socialism. It is a voluntary union of people who support and actively work for this objective”.

Recently, the CPA has been the target of attacks on social media. Half-truths and misrepresentations have been spread with accusations, including of wage theft. Those who were, in the past, so critical of others’ use of public criticism on social media now feel comfortable to launch unsubstantiated allegations that border on defamation.

These distractions are not only untrue - they deflect criticism away from their lack of real activity in the interests of the class. It is easy to soldier on from the power of a keyboard through social media outlets. I say direct your energy and your fight towards the real enemy if you are fair dinkum. A Marxist-Leninist should be able to analyse and recognise who the main enemy is.

* Vinnie is CPA President

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