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Issue #1893      November 6, 2019


On October 26th, the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) celebrated its 99th anniversary of existence at the Greek Community Club in Lakemba. Comrades from all over the country came to celebrate. CPA President, Vinnie Molina, MC’d the event which was accompanied by music from the Trade Union Choir and Kurdish musicians from Turkey. The CPA was also privileged to have in attendance members of foreign communist parties.

Deputy Secretary of the Central Committee of the New Communist Party of Aotearoa (NCPA), J Morgan spoke about the history and renewed fraternal relationship of trans-Tasman comrades stating, “When the Communist Party of New Zealand faced collapse due to inexperience and financial difficulties during the late 1920s, the CPA stood beside them as a fraternal caregiver. [...] Our national identities are in no small part built around our fraternal rivalry and we have gladly accepted the role of the cocky little brother (who always wins at rugby). Your party is approaching a century of existence and ours is about to hold its founding National Congress. Cleary, we have different histories. Our Marxist-Leninist ties however, are as strong as ever.”

Mavraio Annidou, a representative of the Communist Party of Greece, spoke on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist International and its role in coordinating international solidarity saying, “The CI was the child of the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, expressing the need for coordination and unity of the international revolutionary labour movement in the conditions of the period of the transition from capitalism to socialism. [...] For the KKE, there is a fundamental need for the working class to be organised on an international scale and with class consciousness. The ideological unity and revolutionary strategy is a duty for every Communist Party, while its level of development in every country is a major issue today.”

Mohsen Rezvani, a representative of the Communist Party of Iran, spoke about the role the Australian communist movement has always played in the international movement stating, “[the] Australian working class and communists from the early days of victory of Bolshevism and [the] October Revolution , while [it] has always taken the class struggle against Australian Capitalism as their main task, has stood firmly in solidarity with the international working class, oppressed peoples, and nations.”

The evening was rounded up with a raffle draw with prizes such as the Communist Manifesto being handed out. Overall the night was a success. It was a fantastic occasion for the party to reconnect on a national level, where the CPA’s resolve to fight for a better future for the working class was sharpened.

Speech given by Iranian comrade

Dear comrades and friends

The Great October Socialist Revolution, 102 years ago shook the foundation of the capitalist world and opened up a new historical path for working, toiling and oppressed people – 99 percent of the world – to liberation and Socialism.

Since then the October socialist torch has been carried forward by millions of working peoples and created a common ground for unity and solidarity of Human race.

The Australian working class and communists from the early days of the victory of Bolshevism and the October Revolution have always taken the class struggle against Australian Capitalism as their main task and stood firmly in solidarity with the international working class and oppressed people and nations.

The working class of Iran being very close to their class brothers in Russia, some working as immigrants took part in the revolution and fought alongside the Bolsheviks in the civil war. So one of the earliest working vanguards in Third World countries to establish a communist party was the Communist party of Iran in June 1921. Since then the Iranian working class has become an alternative political force for a new Iran, free of exploitation and oppression.

Our working classes actually share a historical common Capitalist adventurist who enriched himself through gold mines in Australia and oil in Iran. William Knox D’Arcy whose representative in Tehran bribed the Shah with 5,000 pounds and obtained an oil concession for 60 years, opening the gate fully for BP to plunder the Iranian riches, becoming the main political force of kingmakers.

Dear Comrades, over a century of political struggle of the working class in Iran, under very difficult political and social conditions we have learned a few lessons which have roots in Iranian conditions.

We must adhere to the principle of making revolution with Iranian characteristics and historical developments. Iran is a society a of many nationalities, languages, religions and sects with very contrast uneven economic and social developments. Iran was a bridge to victory of anti-Nazis forces in the second world War and today is a playing ground for contesting for influence and domination in the whole of Greater Middle East.

While the Iranian working class, socialists and communists have always followed the path of Internationalism and working class solidarity, I am here today to convey to Australian Communists, our solidarity. We believe as you do that our main task and the task of the working class, is to do the historical job of burying the lash of the capitalist system and its political foundation in Iran.

Mohsen Rezvani-(Daylam)

Sydney, October October 26, 2019

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