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Issue #1896      November 27, 2019


People’s Power!

It does not have any tanks, bombers, cruise missiles or nuclear weapons. It does not have wealthy corporations financing its activities. It does not have powerful newspapers to convey its attitudes and activities.

But it does have the power of millions of people who are taking action for their needs and policies. It is worldwide. It has swept into unprecedented, coordinated action against war, poverty from austerity programs imposed by governments serving the insatiable demands for profits from the transnational corporations.

It has all the moral arguments and truth on its side. The decisions of the advocates of war can only be defended by lies. People’s Power reflects the needs of the people worldwide. It expresses the real national interests of all countries.

The issue of peace or war has a become worldwide one affecting the lives of growing millions of people. It divides a very small group of governments who are planning and intend to implement war, aggression, invasion and occupation, from the overwhelming majority of governments and people opposed to war and its consequences.

Not only is this movement opposed to any specific war against, it is opposed to wars in general that have caused suffering and death for millions and millions of people and for thousands of years. People now say, “NO WAR”, meaning that war should be opposed and rejected. It calls for the universal destruction of all weapons of war.

Many factors have contributed to the present movement. The Ban the Bomb movement, opposition to the Vietnam War, demands for complete international disarmament and against the use of biological and chemical weapons, the anti-globalisation and environmental movements, the movements against the IMF and the World Bank have all played a part.

Behind the ruling powers’ propaganda is a system that thrives on war and has never renounced war as a means to achieve its ends. The system is moved by greed and the drive to occupy other countries, seize their resources and exploit the people of those countries – it is the system of imperialism which is in turn a product of capitalism.

They dream of restoring the colonial era in which all countries come under their military, economic and political control. War will only be exorcised from human society when the system that thrives on war is replaced. Sooner or later that must become the objective of the anti-war people’s movement.

People’s Power will not go away. People worldwide can see now how strong they have become, that they have allies in every country, that it is a truly international movement, that it combines people of all nationalities, all religions and all but the most right wing of the political spectrum.

The outbreak of war will lead some to think that “nothing can be done” and, that despite all efforts, governments don’t take any notice of their citizens. That is true of some governments. The task then is to throw such governments out of office. This is a foremost task for the Australian people – to throw out the Coalition government government of war and national betrayal.

This People’s Power must form new governments that really struggle for the needs of the people and above all, for the peaceful resolution of international conflicts.

Just as the worldwide movement against war is a coalition of many forces, new people’s governments with new policies can be formed of coalitions that unite the political forces on an agreed political and economic program.

War can be prevented, but whatever happens the world-wide People’s Power has been born and it holds within it a better peaceful future for the people of all countries.

Welcome to People’s Power!

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