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Issue #1898      December 11, 2019

New year’s greeting

As we approach the end of 2019, it is time to reflect on some of the international and national events.

Today the capitalist world continues to fight for its survival facing systemic economic, financial, food, water, and environmental crises.

Rapacious neoliberal policies have condemned millions of people to misery, unemployment, illiteracy, homelessness, and robbed young generations of their future.

Where progressive governments have been able to exercise the right to govern and manage the state apparatus, they have successfully lifted people from below the poverty line and provide them with access to education and health. The most progressive and revolutionary have nationalised their national resources. 

The ruling classes and multinational corporations allied with US imperialism have fought back with blockades, created scarcities, and coup d’états. The right-wing attacks on those governments and their supporters have left hundreds of people victims of repression, many have died or in the case of Chile, several hundred left blinded by police brutality.

The recent coup d’état in Bolivia has seen the forced resignation of Evo Morales after successfully winning the presidential elections on October 20. Morales’ major “crime” was to nationalise the large lithium reserves and other natural resources as well as empowering the Bolivian indigenous people.

In all those cases, Iraq, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and Haiti, people’s demonstrations have been met with fascistic repression. In Argentina, the centre-left returned to government, and in Uruguay, the right-wing won the presidential elections with a small margin.

That is the game. When the left win elections with a large margin it is called fraud but when the right-wing gets elected with a minimal or small margin it is called democracy. On the other hand, Cuba and Venezuela face inhumane economic and financial blockades aimed at destroying their revolutions by creating scarcities of food, medicines and oil supplies.

The encouraging news is that people are taking to the streets and resisting the attacks. Social movements are being invigorated, and communist and workers parties are on the front lines.

In Australia, the attacks on workers and the general population have also intensified. The Coalition government is more interested in cutting corporate taxes and delivering a budget surplus as per their neoliberal ideological policies. In this, the elimination of militant unions has been a priority as shown by the attacks on construction workers and their unions. The CFMEU and its leadership have suffered ferocious attacks and huge fines, aimed at inflicting as much political and financial damage possible.

The Ensuring Integrity Bill was defeated in the Senate but it has been reintroduced to Parliament with both Morrison and Porter hoping for another “miracle” to deliver it into law in 2020.

There is no place for such draconian laws in a democratic society so we hope the new year will deliver another blow to the Coalition but the real blow has to be on the streets.

The CPA continues to grow steadily with increasingly visible activity but much more is needed to take the Party to the People. With a renewed and united leadership, the CPA is already in preparations for the centenary celebrations of the communist movement in Australia.

I take this opportunity to wish the Guardian readers, our friends in Australia and internationally, particularly those across the Tasman in the New Communist Party of Aotearoa, NCPA, a great start in the new year

To the Australian people our best wishes for a restful and peaceful season’s break with their friends and families.

To the CPA membership new and old I wish all the very best and a revolutionary 2020 full of victories in our struggle for a socialist Australia.

United we shall overcome!

In socialism,

Vinnie Molina
CPA Party President

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