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Issue #1907      March 16, 2020

Celebrating 100 Red Years!

In the lead up to our centenary the CPA has organised a Committee of comrades based in Sydney with representatives from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. The committee led by comrade Denis Doherty can be contacted by email at

Several activities are being planned for the celebration, with a launch event on Saturday 4th April from 5 pm at the Maritime Union of Australia, MUA Hall in Sydney.

[The launch has been cancelled due to COVID-19.]

This celebration marks 100 years since the founding of the Communist Party of Australia in Sydney on 30th October 1920. The hashtag #100RedYears is now part of our social media and other posts.

Celebrations will continue throughout the year from the launch in April until the end of October. Activities will include exhibitions, t-shirts memorabilia, history, and a conference to mark the Centenary of our Party. There is also a special competition being run in the Guardian for Party members, supporters, and Guardian readers to enter. To compete applicants are required to write to submit an article on the life and work of an Australian revolutionary woman. Activities will also be organised in various centres around the country.

Our aim is to look forward with strength to the future by visiting the long history of struggle for socialism in our country. Centenary celebrations should unite the Party at all levels and in all centres. Revisiting our victories and our deficiencies and improving on them for the building of the Communist Party into the future, the struggle for socialism, and communism.

All branches and members should aim at improving Party activity and links with working people. The Centenary celebrations should encourage growth and members are being called out to participate in a recruitment drive. The Party leadership and all members must work together ensuring the centenary celebrations will guarantee a Party for future struggles.

With enthusiasm we will double our efforts of funding the Party and its struggles. A strong working-class party is needed to build socialism and communism.

The Communist Party of Australia’s long history of struggle for Aboriginal rights, workers and trade unions is the catalyst for tomorrow’s struggle. In this milestone members of the Party old and new must unite and walk together to rally for a better world which today is more than ever necessary. We will follow the example of comrades before us who founded our Party one hundred years ago.

Securing a better world for the working class and saving life on the planet is a big task and requires the work of all members of the Party spreading the word.

Long live the Communist Party of Australia, CPA

Long live the struggle for socialism!

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